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“White House senior adviser Valerie
Jarrett’s real-estate investment
jumped in value between 2010 and
2011, documents show”

” Senior White House adviser and long-time Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett’s role in a number of controversial Chicago housing developments has garnered her investments worth millions
of dollars while highlighting the
administration’s extensive business ties to presidential donors.”

“How Did Harry Reid Get Rich?”

  “His career in public service has ended up being remarkably lucrative.”

Another hog that refuses to leave the trough . Please NY retire this man once and for all .

“Rep. Charles Rangel is hitching his wagon to President Obama — even though Obama isn’t hitching his to Rangel.

It’s been two years since Obama — amid the ethics ordeal that had engulfed the New York Democrat — suggested that Rangel “end his career with dignity.” Rangel declined, and despite ongoing health issues, is pursuing a 22nd term in the House, where primary challengers have emerged from every which way.”