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Senate Passes Bill To End Air Traffic Control Furloughs




” Without any debate, the Senate unanimously passed legislation giving the Department of Transportation flexibility to use unspent funds to cover the costs of air traffic controllers and other essential employees at the Federal Aviation Administration.

The House of Representatives, which is expected to approve the measure, could take it up on Friday, capping a feverish effort by Congress to end the flight delays that were snarling traffic at major U.S. airports and angering travelers.

Some Senate aides said the measure would also give the FAA flexibility to keep open nearly 150 “contract towers” at smaller airports that are staffed by non-FAA employees who help control takeoffs and landings.”



Illustration by Gary Varvel







Rep. Harris (R-MD) Exposes Absurd White House Sequester Claims





” During a recent hearing, Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) confronted Dr. Tom Frieden, the Director for the Centers for Disease Control about misleading statements the White House made in regards to the impact sequestration would have on vaccines for children. The video really and truly does speak for itself.

Rep. Harris’s office said this to IJ Review in an official statement:

It’s troubling that President Obama decided to play politics with sequestration instead of working to find a solution to cut government waste and get spending under control. The American people are sick of this president constantly campaigning and are yearning for leadership to tackle the major challenges we face.”




The facts about Ronald Reagan and tax hikes .

Ronald Reagan may have presided over the most significant tax reform effort in our nation’s
history, yet historical revisionists are attempting to besmirch that legacy — while using him as a
straw man against modern Republicans .
  Saying Ronald Reagan raised taxes is like saying Michael Jordan was a guy who struck out a lot — or that he was a failed baseball player: It’s
factually correct, but misleading, nonetheless.
    I’ve decided to examine Reagan’s tax cuts and tax increases in order to set the record straight and end this tomfoolery. “