Phil Silvers & Zippy The Chimp – 1956 – “Harry Speakup”



” Phil Silvers (May 11, 1911 — November 1, 1985) was an American entertainer and comedy actor, known as “The King of Chutzpah.” He is best known for starring in The Phil Silvers Show, a 1950s sitcom set on a U.S. Army post in which he played Sergeant Bilko.

  The Phil Silvers Show, originally titled You’ll Never Get Rich, was a sitcom which ran on CBS from 1955 to 1959 for 142 episodes, plus a 1959 special. The series starred Phil Silvers as Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko of the United States Army.

  The series was created and largely written by Nat Hiken, and won three consecutive Emmy Awards for Best Comedy Series. The show is sometimes titled Sergeant Bilko or simply Bilko in reruns, and is very often referred to by these names, both on-screen and by viewers. The show’s success transformed Silvers from a journeyman comedian into a star, and writer-producer Hiken from a highly regarded behind-the-scenes comedy writer into a publicly recognized creator.

  The episode titled “The Court-Martial” (aka The Case of Harry Speakup) has been consistently voted as the best episode of the entire run of the show.

  Phil Silvers said in 1959, “When Nat Hiken suggested the idea, I flipped. Up to then we had a reasonable amount of plausibility in the show — and this seemed ridiculous. So I said to Nat ‘Make it plausible and we’ll do it.’ And he made it plausible, awfully plausible. I tell you it’s the funniest half-hour on television, unconditionally.”

  This particular show was first aired 6 March 1956, It was written by Nat Hiken, Arnie Rosen & Coleman Jacoby. “