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Flying Frenchies And Parrot To Shoot Extreme Sports Thanks To Bebop Drone






” Globally known for their famous base jump with a human catapult from the highest cliff in the world and for having walked on a rope between two hot-air balloons, the Flying Frenchies now provide a new point of view of their exploits thanks to their drone.

  Controlled by its Skycontroller, the Parrot Bebop Drone shot the latest stunt of the Flying Frenchies: the first base jump from a trapeze. A world premiere! “


Thanks to Parrot











Two High Wire Artists Cross Victoria Falls On Slack Line







” Two high wire artists, German student Lukas Irmler and Austrian journalist Reinhard Kleindl, crossed Victoria Falls on a slack line after two years of training.

  Slack lining is different from tightrope walking as a slack line isn’t as rigid and has more bounce. People who practice this are called slackers but, contrary to the title, they are anything but as they must maintain a greater focus and balance than those who walk on tightropes.

  They did the walk with safety lines for support, but did not slip as they crossed the 108-foot long gap.

” It’s like waves, they try to drag you, so it’s really difficult for the optics and obviously everything is very heavy because it’s soaked with water,” said Kleindl.

  They are the first people to cross the gorge walking upright.”












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