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 ” Yesterday, there were about 75,000-100,000 people (That’s the estimate I’m being given. It’s hard to be more exact than that because we haven’t heard from all the organizers yet, not every rally had a news story, and there were apparently a number of last minute rallies added that we didn’t have listed) who went to roughly 150 Day of Resistance rallies across 39 states. Rand Paul cut a video (see below) for the event at the last minute and there were tens of thousands of dollars worth of guns and ammunition that were given or raffled away. Additionally, to the best of our knowledge unlike the Occupy Movement, there were no arrests, rapes, murders, or attacks on the police. It was just law-abiding Americans who love their country and 2nd Amendment rights, peacefully gathering to exercise their Constitutional rights.”

Rand Paul on the Second Amendment



Thousands Attend Day Of Resistance Rallies In Support Of Second Amendment [photos]


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” Thousands across the nation gathered today to mark Day of Resistance, an event sparked by President Obama’s signing in December of 23 executive actions on “gun violence reduction.” The president and his staff hand-picked four children to join him on stage to plead their case, but as more and more legislators at the state and national levels push for extensive restrictions on gun ownership, plenty of Americans would like to have their say as well, even if they have to brave the elements to do it.”



Day Of Resistance