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Backdoor Gun Control: D.C. Sets Impossible Hurdles For Carry Permits



DC CCW Conditions



” The District’s newly minted concealed carry laws require gun owners seeking permits to complete 18 hours of firearms training.

  One problem: As of Wednesday, the day before a court-ordered deadline for the permitting process to begin, no instructors had been approved to teach the compulsory course.

  The disparity is emblematic of the city’s reluctant scramble to comply with the July order that overturned the District’s ban on carrying handguns in public.

  The Metropolitan Police Department, working off legislation adopted by D.C. lawmakers last month, released the concealed carry applications on its website at about 7 p.m. Wednesday — hours before the stay of U.S. District Court Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr.’s order was set to expire.

  The regulations firm up the details of the application process, including establishing a $75 cost to apply for a permit.

  But it’s unlikely anyone will be walking out of police headquarters with the license anytime soon.”


   No surprise here . As we predicted , the bureaucrats in power in DC will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into court , yet again , in order to be forced to restore the citizen’s God-given right to self-defense . They don’t work for the people , they work for the State . Always remember: “The State Is Not Your Friend”


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Judicial Watch Plans To Sue States With Dirty Voter Rolls; Obama’s DOJ Plays Dead







” Judicial Watch put two states and the nation’s capital on notice that it will file a federal lawsuit if they don’t clean up their voter registration rolls within 90 days.

  Iowa, Colorado and the District of Columbia have one thing in common — they have more registered voters than people eligible to vote.

  In a Monday press briefing, Judicial Watch officials said they sent letters to the secretaries of state in Iowa and Colorado and the Board of Elections supervisors in the District of Columbia, saying:

  We write to bring your attention to violations of Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (“NVRA”) … This letter serves as statutory notice that Judicial Watch will bring a lawsuit against your office if you do not take specific actions to correct these violations of Section 8 within 90 days. In addition, by this letter we are asking you to produce certain records to us which you are required to make available under Section 8(i) of the NVRA. We hope that litigation will not be necessary to enforce either of these claims.”


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Daily Video 10.27.13

Stop Watching Us: Largest Privacy Rally In US History Hits DC



Published on Oct 26, 2013

” Crowds are flooding Capitol Hill in Washington DC, venting their fury against the NSA’s sweeping surveillance practices. The organisers say it’s the largest pro-privacy rally in US history. LIVE UPDATES: http://on.rt.com/08l54t “

Snapshot Of Flu Epidemic Across The U.S.







” Here is a snapshot of flu activity in all 50 states and the District of Columbia:


Alabama: Like many states, Alabama is having an earlier and busier flu season than a year ago — though not as bad as the 2009 pandemic. The state Department of Public Health doesn’t tally statewide flu cases but emergency departments have been busy treating patients with flu symptoms. Hospitals have been able to handle the load without using tents or other unusual measures.


Alaska: Flu in Alaska is widespread and occurring throughout the state, though not at the high levels being reported in some other states. There is no vaccine shortage and no flu deaths have been reported in children.


Arizona: Flu cases are increasing in Arizona but authorities aren’t calling it a worse-than-usual season so far. Plenty of vaccine remains. Like many states, Arizona only tallies flu deaths in children; none have been reported so far this season. “

More Stormtrooper Tactics

Still think SWAT is on the peopl’s side ? Think again

  ” While Army Sgt. Matthew Corrigan was sound asleep inside his Northwest D.C. home, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) was preparing to launch a full-scale invasion of his home. SWAT and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams spent four hours readying the assault on the English basement apartment in the middle of the snowstorm of the century.

(This is part two of a four part series on Sgt. Corrigan’s case. Click here to read the first story.)

The police arrested the veteran of the Iraq war and searched his house without a warrant, not to protect the public from a terrorist or stop a crime in progress, but to rouse a sleeping man the police thought might have an unregistered gun in his home.”

“What’s it like taking a course with 120,000 other students?
That is one of the questions raised this spring by the debut of MITx , the Institute’s new online educational initiative. ”

“Myriam Nonaka, an electrical engineering student at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Buenos Aires, Argentina, finds 6.002x to be “very entertaining,” and singles out the course’s online discussion forum as a place “where you can share and learn.”
Indeed, the forum, where students discuss the course and offer assistance to each other, is something that almost all MITx participants cite as a defining feature of the experience. ”

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  There is nowhere to hide . The internet is/will be the greatest  tool of freedom and liberty mankind has ever seen . The possibilities are endless .
   From making higher education affordable  , crowdsourcing , Kickstarter and self-publishing , to grocery delivery , telephone calls and even entertainment like books , music , movies and radio the web offers it all , and that doesn’t even take into consideration the social side of the digital world such as Twitter , Facebook , Blogging and the myriad other means of expressing one’s self .

    Welcome to the Revolution my friends . Liberty is there for all as long as we can keep the web as it is … That means , HANDS OFF.

Yes , you know who I’m talking about .

Those sanctimonious corporate lackeys in DC and anywhere else that lesser creatures gather to try and administrate us right into the ground .
   Whether it be in Washington , Brussels , New York , Tehran , BeijingIndia or any other place with despotic ambitions , we must fight and win this struggle . Like no other war that all who yearn for human liberty have engaged in , this one has the potential for WORLD WIDE liberty , perhaps even in my lifetime . The price of losing will be as high as the potential gains would allude to ….. eternal serfdom … You read that right .
    Unless the information revolution remains/becomes UNIVERSALLY available we are doomed . Make no mistake , even if we here in the US manage to overcome the corporate rent-seekers and their toadies on Capitol Hill and preserve our internet freedoms it will be a pyrrhic victory rendering all our efforts for naught unless the rest of the world is digitally connected to us . Individually we will be stomped in succesion by the forces of World Government .

To quote Benjamin Franklin : “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately . “

Be vigilant , be vocal , be vital .                VOTE , WRITE , SHOOT

The scene outside the annual bootlickers Correspondents dinner in DC .


” As the nation’s elite journalists
arrived at the Washington Hilton to hobnob with President Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, many were met by a small
group of protesters shouting “don’t believe the liberal press” and holding signs adorned with photos of deceased conservative activist
Andrew Breitbart…. “