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Bring Back The Guillotine ?

‘Botched’ Oklahoma Execution Proves It’s Time To Bring Back The Guillotine








” Last night, Oklahoma was scheduled to execute two individuals. The second execution was to be of a man who raped and murdered an 11-month-old girl. That execution never took place because the first execution—that of a man who was involved in the murder and burial alive of a 19-year-old woman who walked in on a robbery—ran into some difficulties. The state was using a new lethal injection cocktail and, it seems, the poor murderer suffered a bit before expiring of a heart attack.

  There are other, less dramatic, ways, of course. Hanging and firing squads would probably be quicker and more painless than lethal injection or the electric chair. But the guillotine really seems to solve everyone’s problems: It was designed to deliver an efficient, quick, and painless death. It performs that task admirably. I understand the irony of a reactionary such as myself embracing the Terror’s preferred method of execution, but one must give credit where it’s due.”

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‘Do they still have final meals on death row?’ Suspect’s chilling words after he ‘admits to beating his 19-year-old college student girlfriend to death with a dumbbell’





” A 22-year-old Arizona man turned himself in to police this week and admitted to beating his girlfriend, a 19-year-old college student, to death with a dumbbell in their apartment days earlier.

The victim has been identified as Arizona State University junior and Minnesota native Rebecca ‘Becky’ Kasper, whose decomposing body was discovered in the bathtub in the off-campus apartment she shared with Luis Soltero.

Court documents made public Wednesday state that Soltero, who is not believed to be a student, left a note next to the apparent murder weapon allegedly admitting to the brutal slaying. “