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No, A Chicago Zoo Polar Bear Is Not Stuck Indoors Due To Cold Weather




” The so-called polar vortex was the news of the day for much of the United States on Tuesday, as Americans from New York to New Orleans dealt with ultra-low temperatures and other extreme weather conditions.

   As humans bundled up and cranked the heat, many of them took the time to read and share news stories reporting that the weather was so bad that even polar bears can’t handle it. But it turns out that the story is not quite what it seems.

  The popular stories, some of which featured dramatic headlines like “It’s Officially Too Cold For Lincoln Park Zoo’s Polar Bear,” mostly follow a similar rubric to a Monday report by DNAInfo Chicago. The attention-grabbing assertion behind the reports is that Anana, the sole polar bear at the Windy City’s Lincoln Park Zoo, has been relegated to a “climate-controlled” indoor enclosure due to the subzero temperatures brought on by the Arctic winds sweeping across the U.S. over the past couple of days.

” She doesn’t typically enjoy the very cold much,” Lincoln Park Zoo spokeswoman Sharon Dewar told DNAInfo. “Few of us are accustomed to this cold.” 

” The zoo’s polar bear, Anana, has been provided access to her outdoor exhibit today. She has a choice about whether or not she wants to be inside in a more temperature controlled climate (approximately 40-50 degrees), or outside. Today she has actually been enjoying some time outdoors,” Dewar said Tuesday.” 



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Viral Photo Sums Up The Subzero Chill Affecting 180 Million Americans


Credit: Hank Cain

” Widely shared online right now is this chilly photo taken of Chicago during Tuesday’s devastating cold. Residents of the Windy City are not alone: 180 million Americans are struggling through record-breaking freezing temperatures.

   By Tuesday, a big chill covered about half of the country. In New York City, the high was expected to be 10; in Boston, around 18, as AP writes. Chicago faced a low of -15 on Monday night, and on Tuesday afternoon is dealing with three-degree temps.”


Obama, Friends Explain On Facebook That All This Cold Really Means Global Warming!






Global warming as seen by our “Dear Leader” and buddies … LOL




Historic Freeze Could Break Midwest Temp Records




” It has been decades since parts of the Midwest experienced a deep freeze like the one expected to arrive Sunday, with potential record-low temperatures heightening fears of frostbite and hypothermia even in a region where residents are accustomed to bundling up.

  This “polar vortex,” as one meteorologist calls it, is caused by a counterclockwise-rotating pool of cold, dense air. The frigid air, piled up at the North Pole, will be pushed down to the U.S., funneling it as far south as the Gulf Coast.

  Ryan Maue, of Tallahassee, Fla., a meteorologist for Weather Bell, said temperature records will likely be broken during the short yet forceful deep freeze that will begin in many places on Sunday and extend into early next week. That’s thanks to a perfect combination of the jet stream, cold surface temperatures and the polar vortex.

” All the ingredients are there for a near-record or historic cold outbreak,” he said “If you’re under 40 (years old), you’ve not seen this stuff before.” “