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Teen Reels In 1,058-Pound Blue Marlin Off Kona Coast






” It was certainly the catch of the day for a New York City teenager when he “caught the fish of a lifetime,” a 1,058-pound blue marlin, off the Kona coast on Wednesday.

” I would imagine that there’s not very many more things as exhilarating than catching a ‘grander’ in Kona,” said 16-year-old Kai Rizzuto.”





” The gargantuan marlin measured 11 feet from its jaw to tail and took Kai 30 minutes to reel in. “It was a 30-minute fight. I’ll tell you it was the hardest 30 minutes I’ve ever fought a fish,” said Rizzuto. “When I saw that fish at the end of line I was just thinking, don’t break off. Do not break off.” “


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Ten Yellowfin Tuna Catches That Blow Yours Out Of The Water






” In May 2003, Candace Meyer landed this massive yellowfin tuna off the coast of Ada Foah, Ghana. The 314-pounder is the largest yellowfin catch ever by a female angler, according to IGFA records. Meyer caught the fish on 130-pound tackle and landed the fish in 45 minutes. Will two decades pass before this record is surpassed? “


See the other nine monster catches at SportFishingMag












Incredible Drone Footage Of Blue Marlin On Miss Behavin






” Drones have been around for a couple years now but not until very recently have folks mastered the art of operating drones while fighting marlin.  Check out the crew of the Miss Behavin filming some incredible footage of their Marlin Battles.  Congrats to the crew.


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Pulled Overboard By Blue Marlin





Uploaded on Jan 3, 2011

” This awesome footage shows that the unexpected can happen even to the best. Stewart Campbell is one of the best professional fisherman in the world and came close to death. He is the international world record holder. Many times a year, a person is taken overboard and when clipped to the rod, go straight down behind the fish they caught, never to be seen again.”


The Best Shark Fishing Videos And Shark Fishing Tales





Here is one of the highlights featuring the King of Shark Fishing himself , Frank Mundus

” Flashback to the 1980s with mustaches and mullet cuts along with a great white shark catch. A local news station from Montauk, New York reports on Frank Mundus, who arguably was the inspiration for Quint from the film Jaws, catching a 3,427-pound great white. The catch allegedly holds the record for largest shark, but also the largest fish of any kind ever caught on rod and reel.”

SportFishingMag.com has the rest

GBR 2013


” Watch wiremen Justin Petrilli & Erik Lorentzen take on the Black Marlin of the Great Barrier Reef, including three over 1,000 pounds, on Tradition with Capt. Tim Richardson.”

     As winter rages all through the northeast , those of us who aren’t known as fans of the winter sports … skiing , snowmobiling and such , find ourselves longing for the moment we can splash our boats and head out for a day of or I should say , many days of , fishing . Until that time comes we’ll just have to live vicariously through the catches of others and this crew has some catches . Enjoy .









What A Day Of Fishing



Published on Jul 29, 2013

” Christian Hampl, aboard his boat “Kamila”, succesfully released, by IGFA rules, 14 Pacific Blue Marlin. 07/15/13. 11 fish were tagged.

Capt. Edgar Montero
Wireman: Ronald “Memín” Chacón
Tagman: Sergio “Yeyo” Cascante
Cameraman: Rolbin “Popín” Marchena”









Anglers Fishing On Marlin Darlin’ Were Taken By Surprise When This Blue Marlin Leapt Right Into The Cockpit


Acrobatic Blue Marlin On The Pipe Dream





” We’ve got a jumper! Ransom Pipes captured this video of an acrobatic blue marlin while fishing on the Pipe Dream in Grand Isle, Louisiana.”










US Tourists Swim For 14 Hours After Boat Sinks





”  The fishing trip off the rugged north coast of St. Lucia was supposed to last all day, but about four hours into the journey, the boat’s electric system crackled and popped.

Dan Suski, a 30-year-old business owner and information technology expert from San Francisco, had been wrestling a 200-pound marlin in rough seas with help from his sister, Kate Suski, a 39-year-old architect from Seattle. It was around noon April 21.

He was still trying to reel in the fish when water rushed into the cabin and flooded the engine room, prompting the captain to radio for help as he yelled out their coordinates.

It would be nearly 14 hours and a long, long swim before what was supposed to be a highlight of their sunny vacation would come to an end.”






How Five Skippers Pulled Off Major Tourney Wins





” What does it take to win a fishing tournament? Perhaps a better question is, what doesn’t it take? The dirty little secret about tournament fishing is that winning requires a lot of everything. While intense preparation usually figures as a major component of any successful team, that doesn’t preclude plain dumb luck as accounting for a winner’s check. Similarly, playing it safe on the water is often the key to success — but then again, the risk-taker is sometimes the one who prevails in the end. And that’s the beauty of tournament fishing: You never know what lies in wait.

Here are a few thoughts from some recent winners of big events and their accounts of just how they did it.”






Amazing Billfish Bite In Guatemala



Capt. Brad Philipps (rear) led Angela (left) and Dave (right) Workman to an amazing 91 sailfish releases Dec. 28, 2012, aboard Decisive.



” Capt. Brad Philipps, generally regarded as one of the best billfish captains on the planet, added to his legacy in late December, tallying incredible numbers of billfish releases aboard his 40-foot Gamefisherman,Decisive.

Over a 10-day stretch, Philipps, who operates Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures, released well over 400 sailfish. The action got hot right after Christmas, on Dec. 27, when Philipps found a huge body of fish only 7 to 14 miles offshore and tallied 40 releases from 49 bites.

“But the following day saw one of those unbelievable bites most only dream about,” said Philipps, who has released more than 23,000 billfish over the past 11 years in Guatemala and has won The Billfish Foundation’s Release Captain of the Year Award for 10 years straight.”