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Mentally Ill Man Killed In Altercation With Miami Gardens Police



Lavall Hall




” A 25-year-old mentally ill man is dead after getting into an altercation with police officers early Sunday morning.

  Miami Gardens police said officers were called to a home regarding a violent, mentally disturbed man. When officers arrived, the man — identified as Lavall Hall — would not comply with their instructions and engaged in a physical altercation with some sort of object, police said.

Witnesses described the object as a broom.

  As a result, Hall was shot and died at the scene, police said.

” All I want is justice,” Hall’s mother, Catherine Daniels Brown, told Local 10 News. She said she called police after feeling threatened by Hall.

” If I (knew) they (were) going to kill my child, I would have never, ever called them,” she said.

  Hall had recently been released from a mental health facility. Brown said police should have known about his mental illness as they had been called to his home before.”



     Isn’t it so much better that the mentally ill are free to roam the streets and be killed by the police instead of them being institutionalized and getting the help they need as was the case years ago before the do-gooders “set them free” . Read more about the latest mentally disturbed individual to be “cared for” by the police .












Can We Keep Guns Out of the Hands of the Mentally Ill?





” Glenn Reynolds points us to this thoughtful post by The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg that takes up the sensitive issue of the mentally ill and their access to guns:

We must find a way to make it more difficult for the non-adjudicated mentally ill to come into possession of weapons. This is crucially important, but very difficult, because it would require the cooperation of the medical community — of psychiatrists, therapists, school counselors and the like — and the privacy issues (among other issues) are enormous. But: It has to be made more difficult for sociopaths, psychopaths and the otherwise violently mentally-ill (who, in total, make up a small portion of the mentally ill population) to buy weapons.

One can immediately see the problems. There are privacy issues to consider, as well as trying to define “mentally ill.” John Grohol explains:

I don’t believe Obama was talking about anyone who’s ever had a mental disorder diagnosis — that would include over 25 percent of the population.

I think he meant to say those who fall under the Gun Control Act of 1968 — specifically people who have been involuntarily committed, found by a court to be incompetent or dangerous, or those who’ve already committed a crime but were found not guilty by reason of insanity.

According to Gostin & Record (2011), recent Supreme Court rulings generally push states to “regulate dangerous persons rather than dangerous firearms” but that existing gun restrictions pertaining to individuals with mental illnesses are ineffective.”