NY Gun Law’s Required Ammunition Background Checks Not Expected To Start In January




” The state is holstering a key provision of Gov. Cuomo’s gun control law requiring first-ever background checks on ammunition purchases.

Under the gun law passed earlier this year, the state could have begun requiring background checks as of this coming Jan. 15. It also could have ordered sellers of ammunition to begin keeping key information on buyers, including their names, the amount of bullets purchased, their addresses, and occupations.

But the State Police Sunday they are delaying implementation, a move first reported by the Buffalo News, until it can develop the needed database system allowing it to move forward.

Gun advocates argue that the ammo background check delay is further proof the gun law that also expanded the state’s ban on semi-automatic weapons and sought to reduce the size of ammunition magazines was passed in haste in January, just weeks after the Sandy Hook , Ct. mass school shooting.

Cuomo and the Legislature earlier this year were already forced to roll back a centerpiece provision of the gun law–one that required that no ammo magazine be able to hold more than seven bullets. Cuomo said the requirement proved unworkable because most manufacturers don’t make seven-bullet magazines.

Instead, a change was approved allowing for the sale of the old maximum 10-bullet magazines, but with a caveat that owners in most cases not put more than seven bullets in them.”