Columbus Police Officer Fatally Shoots Family Dog




” A family’s dog was fatally shot Sunday by police officers after they were called to the home because a moving truck was blocking traffic.

  Brittnay Bergman and Dustin Ramsey just moved into the house on South Wayne Ave. They said when officers came to their door, their three to four-year-old Boxer, Delilah, ran out of the house.”


Columbus Cop Shoots Family Dog


” She jumped off the porch, growled at him. Put herself in the corner of our fence and greenhouse,” Ramsey said. Ramsey said that’s when the officer grabbed his weapon. “Shot at the dog nine times. She got nipped once with the first shot.

  Then the second shot dropped her,” Ramsey said. “He [officer] said that he felt like his life was in jeopardy and that he was coming from a high stressful situation,” Bergman said. Now, their other dog is left without its friend and so is Brittnay’s son.”


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