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Daily Video 3.16.15

Top 5 SHTF Preps





Published on Feb 24, 2015

” If you are only going to do 5 things to prepare for a SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan) scenario, these are the 5 Steps that all the experts agree are the most important. Come with me if you want to live.

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From Demolition Ranch




Published on Mar 8, 2015

” These projectiles, in .45ACP and 12 gauge, fire a center slug as well as 3 outer fragments that are tethered together for a controlled spread. So is this a gimmick, or is it an improvement to self defense ammunition? Let’s find out! “













Daily Video 2.8.15

Stopping A 50BMG AP Bullet





Published on Feb 6, 2015

” Let’s try a 1″ thick plate of AR550 steel, that should do it…..right?

Steel from http://www.mj-steel.com/ “













Daily Video 2.1.14

50BMG vs Cinder Blocks




Published on Jan 31, 2014

” How many do you think it will go through?

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50BMG vs Transmission

From Demolition Ranch




Published on Jan 24, 2014

” Will a transmission stop a .50BMG? Only one way to know!!! We are shooting a cinder blocks next. What do you want to see after that?

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Daily Video 12.1.13




Published on Nov 29, 2013

” Having a little fun with Demolition Ranch at my range. Yes, his wife split her card on her 3rd try. Matt, well, took him just a few more tries, 59 to be exact. Don’t worry, he’s going to stick with shotguns from now on. 🙂
Special thanks to Tnoutdoors9 for helping with the camera.
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   Two very entertaining and informative Youtube firearms channels have united to create an interesting video experiment that combines the divergent specialties of both channels . Demolition Ranch is a channel that specializes in mostly 12 gauge shotgun videos while , as the name implies , 22Plinkster caters to the rimfire crowd . 

   They pooled their talents and handloaded some .22 caliber tracer bullets into twelve gauge shotgun shells and had a blast .Very cool video . It would be even cooler to see them shoot this homemade round at night . It would also be cool to see a target shot by these inventive rounds . Perhaps the boys will treat us to that in the near future .

HT/Bearing Arms

Daily Video 4.7.13

Custom Homemade Shotgun Shells 3 (Primers, Rebar, Dimes, Chapstick, Advil, Arrow)


” This is episode 2 where we make and fire homemade shotgun shells from viewer’s suggestions. Shells made in this video included Chap Stick, Advil, a Screw Driver, a cored Bouncy Ball, 4 feet of Steel Cable, Dimes, Airsoft BBs, a Magic Wand Kaleidascope thing, 3 Paintballs, a Wood Slug, a Bolo Round made with Washers and Steel Cables, a 1/2″ Socket, a Steel Fishing Weight, then the same Fishing Weight, but with Fishing Line tied to it, a Sharpened Wooden Stake, a Crossbow Bolt (Arrow), Pistol Primers at a Cinder Block, 22LRs pointing Rim toward the target, a foot long piece of Rebar, a 3.5″ Magnum Buckshot shell in a Mossberg 500 (max 3″ chamber), a bolo round with Fishing Weights and heavy test fishing line, and Rebar out of a 3.5″ shell (HOLY CRAP!!!).

Please give is more suggestions for Custom Homemade Shotgun Shells 4!

The shotgun used in this video is a Mossberg 500 Persuader.

The intro music in the video is called” Future Gladiator” and the outro music is called “Club Diver”, by Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech.com.”







How To Ruin A Shotgun, Barrel Under Water



” Well, we were finally able to break a shotgun, enjoy!

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The music used in this video is called “Club Diver” by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.”