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OPD Promoted Cops Involved In Scott Olsen Case







” Late last week, the City of Oakland made national headlines when it agreed to pay a $4.5 million legal settlement to Scott Olsen, the Marine Corps veteran who was critically wounded by Oakland police during a confrontation with Occupy Oakland protesters in 2011. Yet despite the large payout (which was first reported by theExpress on its website), the Oakland Police Department brass promoted two cops who were involved in the Olsen incident. In fact, one of the officers — then Captain Paul Figueroa — is now the assistant police chief, and is the second most powerful person in the department.

  OPD dispatch tapes from the night of October 25, 2011 highlight Figueroa’s role in the unwarranted use of force by police officers on demonstrators. At about 7:25 p.m., Figueroa told the police officers at the intersection of 14th Street and Broadway that “we’re going to stick with announcements, our goal is to allow them to peacefully protest, and we’ll facilitate it then best we can ….”

  But then, just minutes later, at 7:28 p.m., Figueroa ordered officers to put on their gas masks — a preparation for the use of tear gas — and to make announcements to disperse the crowd of demonstrators. At 7:34 p.m., Figueroa told his officers to “watch out for projectiles, we haven’t seen any yet, just watch for them.” Three minutes later, Figueroa said: “We’re going to let them peacefully protest, we’re going to continue to make announcements [to disperse] ….”

  At the time, Figueroa was addressing commanders of OPD’s Tango Teams — tactical squads of five officers and one sergeant each, which were armed with shotgun-fired less-than-lethal rounds, tear gas, and flash-bang grenades. As the Express reported in December 2011, those teams also included several OPD officers who had used deadly force in the past and had been involved in numerous use-of-force cases over the years.”




Instead of allowing the peaceful protests to continue however , Capt Figueroa ordered the cops to disperse the crowd …




” Then, at 7:40 on the evening of October 25, 2011, Figueroa ordered Tango Team sergeants Roland Holmgren and Patrick Gonzales to disperse the crowd.

  Eighteen seconds later, an unnamed OPD officer shot Olsen in the head with a beanbag round that consisted of lead birdshot wrapped in cloth. At the time, Olsen, 24, was standing about fifteen feet from the Tango Teams at 14th and Broadway. The firing of the beanbag round was a blatant violation of OPD’s crowd control policy. Then, while Olsen lay on the ground, an Oakland cop lobbed a flash-bang grenade(see above video) into a group of people who had rushed in to help the wounded veteran. Video of a dazed and bleeding Olsen being carried to safety by fellow demonstrators quickly went viral and was seen by people around the world within hours. Olsen, who is now 26, has permanent brain damage.”



This is the country we live in … bust some heads , get ahead … For shame … Read it all 








Egypt Coup Turns Violent – Special Report With Bret Baier


Egypt Army Gives Mursi 48 Hours To Share Power





” Egypt’s armed forces handed Islamist President Mohamed Mursi a virtual ultimatum to share power on Monday, giving feuding politicians 48 hours to compromise or have the army impose its own road map for the country.

A dramatic military statement broadcast on state television declared the nation was in danger after millions of Egyptians took to the streets on Sunday to demand that Mursi quit and the headquarters of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood were ransacked.

Since the fall of Hosni Mubarak more than two years ago as the Arab Spring revolutions took hold, the Arab world’s most populous nation has remained in turmoil, arousing concern amongst allies in the West and in neighboring Israel, with which Egypt has had a peace treaty since 1979.

Mursi’s backers were furious at the military statement: “The age of military coups is over,” said Yasser Hamza of the Brotherhood parliamentary wing.

But it provoked delight among liberal leaders and crowds in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, who cheered when a flight of military helicopters swooped overhead trailing national flags. Silhouetted against the sunset, it was a powerful illustration of the military’s desire to be seen in tune with the people.” 








Egypt Protesters Storm Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters





” Anti-government protesters in Egypt have stormed the national headquarters of President Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood in the capital, Cairo.

People ransacked the building in the Moqattam area and set parts on fire.

Officials say eight people have been killed in clashes outside since Sunday, while eight others have died elsewhere.

Meanwhile, four ministers are reported to have resigned, a day after millions took to the streets across the country to demand the president leave power.

The al-Watan website said the ministers of tourism, environment, communication and legal affairs had acted “in solidarity with the people’s demand to overthrow the regime”. 

The crowds seen in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Sunday were the biggest since the 2011 revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Protests and sporadic outbreaks of violence were reported nationwide.

The health ministry said at least 16 people had been killed and 781 injured since Sunday.

Three people died in the central province of Assiut, and another four in Alexandria, Fayoum, Beni Suef and Kafr al-Sheikh. Another protester suffocated to death at a protest outside the Ittihadiya presidential palace in Cairo.

Eight people were killed in clashes around the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in Moqattam, the ministry added.”







Harry Reid: Tea Party Members Are the Real Anarchists



” After young lefto-anarchists went out and rioted last night for May Day Harry Reid went on the radio today and told conservative host Rusty Humphries that tea party members are the real anarchists.”

 … But Muslim Brotherhood Lives On




 ” Thousands of pro-freedom protesters surrounded the presidential palace in Cairo Tuesday. Reuters reported Tuesday that “officers fired teargas at up to 10,000 demonstrators,” and that Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi actually fled the palace. However, although the demonstrators chanted that “the people want the downfall of the regime,” they are unlikely to get it.

Hussein Abdel Ghany, a spokesman for the secularists and Leftist opponents of Sharia who demonstrated on Tuesday, declared: “Our marches are against tyranny and the void constitutional decree and we won’t retract our position until our demands are met.”

However, even though he and his colleagues could muster 10,000 demonstrators to the presidential palace, Ghany quite clearly represents a minority in Egypt. The transformation of Egypt from a Western-oriented state to one dominated by Islamic law has been proceeding for decades. The Muslim Brotherhood’s societal and cultural influence outstripped its direct political reach for decades, until the fall of Mubarak, and now is in the ascendancy, despite the unrest. One highly visible example of the pervasive Islamic supremacist influence in Egypt is the fact that while in the 1960s women wearing hijabs were rare on the streets of Cairo, now it is rare to see a woman not wearing one. “

” Moving Photos of Pro-American Rallies in Libya “

Nice to see some sanity afloat  amidst the sea of madness that represents the current-day “religion of peace” .

” … not all people in Libya are like the ones who killed U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens. Some of the people of Benghazi, where Stevens was killed, held a demonstration against terrorism and to show sympathy for the U.S. Libya Alhurra TV, an Internet TV channel founded at the start of the Arab Spring in 2011, posted
Facebook photos of a rally there showing support for America and sympathy for Stevens. Here are some of those pictures:

Update : With the help from The Atlantic’s multilingual Heather Horn and some Facebook commenters, we have a few
translations of the Arabic signs. ”

Click the link and peruse an all too rare moment in the Arab world .

HT/Glenn Reynolds

  From Professor Jacobson we get an inkling of the Left’s plans for Wisconsin … and by extension perhaps the US after the recall election . 

Worker’s World reports that there are widespread actions planned for Wisconsin on June 6, the day after the recall election takes place:

…Fighters from Occupy Wall Street, unions and independent organizations are organizing “Keep It in the Streets” actions to take place in cities statewide on June 6. (occupywi.org) For example, Occupy Milwaukee is sponsoring a rally at Pier Marquette Park in Milwaukee at 5 p.m., followed by a march to the banking district.

The facebook page for the June 6 action; note carefully the list of “endorsers”:

On June 5th we vote. On June 6th we keep it in the streets! Join Occupy Wisconsin and dozens of community allies and labor unions to march on June 6th to make the following demands of our Governor:

1. Repeal Act 10 – Hands off unions and collective bargaining. No cuts to education or Badger Care.
2. Restore the Equal Pay Act – We demand and end to workplace discrimination.
3. Tax the 1% – Hold the banksters and the 1% accountable for their economic crisis, and stop the cuts to working and oppressed people. “

  “But instead of peacefully assembling to present their dog’s breakfast of causes — from hating
capitalism, to amnesty for illegal aliens, to halting foreclosures — they descended into violence and criminality that can only mean
worse to come.
    Five anarchists were arrested in Cleveland by the FBI for trying to bomb a bridge. Authorities said
they had a wish list of other targets, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, the Justice Center of Cleveland and another bridge.
Two of the arrested — Brandon Baxter and Anthony Hayne — were named in past news reports as leaders of Occupy Cleveland.
   Around New York, 10 envelopes full of white powder imitating anthrax were mailed to seven
banks, to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office and to two media outlets, including Fox News. “This is a reminder that you are not in control,” the menacing notes read. “Happy May Day.” A
police spokesman told Reuters: “The messages indicated a link to today’s May Day demonstrations.”

* Obama,Pelosi , Reid, Schumer

More Love From The Left

It’s May Day isn’t it ? What better day for the Leftists to show their true colors ( do you hear that , Jews ?)

 ” The Left’s May Day terrorism campaign got underway a day early Monday as at least seven Wells Fargo bank branches in Manhattan reportedly began receiving suspicious envelopes containing white powder in the mail.”




This is the true face of the world workers . Now I’m a worker but these people sure don’t represent my views . How about you ?

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