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  ” The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has immediately started fundraising
off of Eric Holder’s partisan letter to
Pennsylvania demanding information about the
Keystone State’s voter ID program. “

If you live in Wisconsin – VOTE TODAY 

With the US Dept of Obama Justice on the scene to facilitate er , watch for fraud this will be close . The dead will rise undoubtedly as will bus loads of out of staters voters . Make sure your vote counts .

“The U.S. Department of Justice has sent poll monitors to Milwaukee–and only Milwaukee, where Democrats need to run up the numbers in order to overcome a large deficit in the polls. When Republican Mark Kirk spoke about the need to protect the integrity of the vote in urban areas during his 2010 U.S. Senate race, Democrats accused him of racism.

Turnout will be the key to victory in the statewide recall election, in which not only Walker but also Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and three Republican senators are being challenged. The recall election was once seen as an important battle over the power of public employee unions, but the unions’ favored candidate lost the Democratic primary to Barrett, and Walker’s reforms to collective bargaining have saved jobs and money for the state and local governments.”

Yes turnout is key . And if turnout can be kept to just the residents and the living Scott Walker should do fine but with Holder’s voting team present nothing can be taken for granted , and let us not forget the union’s capacity for chicanery . Be vigilant my friends .