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Campaign Ads Use Racial Scare Tactics In Southern Black Strongholds For Democrats






” Campaign materials aimed at getting out the black vote are featuring references to lynchings, Jim Crow-era signs, racial unrest — and, as of last weekend, the Ku Klux Klan.

  In Alabama, fliers distributed in largely black communities warn voters to cast ballots or else “land may be given to extremist groups to honor klansmen.” A copy of the flier was obtained by The Washington Times.

  The specter of the KKK was raised as the latest example of the increase in racially charged scare tactics aimed at bolstering turnout in the black community, a traditional Democratic voting bloc that strategists view as key to winning razor-thin races in an otherwise Republican year.

  Conservatives view the tactic with disgust. They argue that such race-baiting is condescending and assumes black voters are concerned solely with racism and not, for example, economic and foreign policy concerns. “


Washington Times










A veteran of the Reagan administration’s national security infrastructure envisions an 11th hour surprise which could re-elect Obama.


” During a weekly briefing of Tea Party Patriots local coordinators on Sunday evening, a veteran of the Reagan administration’s national security infrastructure pointed activists to the work of Pat Caddell at Breitbart.com. “Caddell was George McGovern’s pollster in 1972, and Jimmy Carter’s pollster in 1976 and 1980. The man knows the inner workings of the high command of the Democratic Party as an inside operator, so his insight is particularly valuable.” From Breitbart: October Surprises,” real and imagined, have been recurrent in US political history. The term can be thought of two ways: First, it is the simple reality that the unexpected “black swan” can emerge at any time, including on the eve of an election. Second, there’s the more nefarious idea that an incumbent could use the power of his office to affect the election. And such possible abuse by an incumbent has provoked challengers in elections to use the October Surprise phrase preemptively, as a way of warning voters to discount some last-minute bombshell. Caddell anticipates a move by the Obama administration which could serve such a “nefarious” purpose: “

Whatever happened to the dignity inherent in holding the office of ” President of the United States of America ” ?

   We know , you say that this ad was put out by an independent political action committee and it’s content does not ” necessarily ” reflect the views of their candidate , to which we say ” hogwash “. If Obama didn’t approve of this it wouldn’t run . Period . 


  ‘Using Mitt Romney as the bogeyman to scare the daylights out of a little girl and cursing throughout. Yeah, that’s pretty much the liberal mindset. I guess Jackson hasn’t had a decent movie in years so he’s reduced to filming these idiotic ad with the Spawn of Soros. When he and the rest of he Hollywood simpletons pimping themselves for Obama wonder why nobody bothers to go see their movies, maybe some day it’ll dawn on him why.”


Take a look at video posted over at Jammie Wearing Fool 

  This whole business is just too ridiculous to parody . It puts one to mind of People’s Republics , Dear Leaders , and giving one’s first born to the State .

“It’s summer, so we’re right in the middle of wedding season, where brides schedule their big day when the weather will be most likely to
cooperate. There is so much to do — planning the food, the reception venue, how to keep fueding relations separated by the seating chart — that a whole industry has evolved to take some of the burden off of the happy harried couple.

  Is panic setting in ?  Jennifer Rubin seems to thinks so .

“Why has the Obama team been publicly wailing about losing out to Mitt Romney in the money race? Why would the president accuse his opponent of not merely being wrong or unqualified but criminal ? After all, the polls are tied, so why so much worry in Obamaland? “

Even his fellow Dems admit he is a liar .

” Technically it is Obama’s campaign that bears the dishonor of suggesting that Mitt Romney
committed a felony. All the same, fellow Democrats have outed the Obama campaign’s claim as a lie.

…is there anything other than the SEC filings to suggest a hands-on Romney role at Bain post-February 1999?

  No is the word from four sources who communicated with CNN on Thursday — all of whom have firsthand knowledge of Bain’s operations at the time in question. Three of the four are Democrats, and two of the four are active Obama supporters in Campaign

  All four told me Romney is telling the truth. “

   ” If it’s not hobnobbing with Wintour and Parker that has abraded his status and appeal, it is his easy habit of dropping into venues that signal a lack of seriousness about the office he holds. Is being a casual guest on fluffy late-night television comedy shows such as Jimmy Kimmel’s, or slacking around with sports stars
and the Hollywood crowd, really what people want from the person occupying the White House? The celebrity dimension of the
presidency, which has always been a component of that office, in Obama’s case threatens to dominate or displace its more
profound mystique. ”


The “war” rages on . I’ve lost count but this must be about skirmish number 6 or 7 . Don’t the have any other arrows in their quiver ?

  “Democrats say their research shows women are paid just 77 cents for every dollar earned by men and that a law is needed to equalize those rates.
   But party lawmakers are not hiding the political motives behind the timing and scope of the bill, which follows a series of other female-focused measures rejected by the Republicans that the Democrats say
demonstrate that the GOP is waging a “war on women.” “