Policeman Suspected Of Killing Man He Met On A Cannibal Site


” Police in Dresden, Germany, say that they arrested a police officer on suspicion of murder after a man’s body was found in the Erz mountain. The suspect and the victim met via a fetishist website for cannibalism.

  On Friday police say that parts of the victim, who lived in Hanover, may have been eaten, as there are some indications pointing to that, according to BBC.


  According to ABC, Police say that the suspect, 55, confessed to slashing the throat of his willing victim, 59, and then he cut the body up into small pieces and proceeded to bury them in his garden.”

Police experts inspect the crime scene in Gimmlitztal near the town of Hartmannsdorf-Reichenau, south of Dresden, November 29, 2013. A German policeman has been arrested after the chopped-up body of a man he met on a fetishist website for cannibalism was found buried in his garden, police in the eastern city of Dresden said on Friday. REUTERS-Pawel Sosnowski

  Who knew that there were websites for cannibals ?  Some history on the practice of cannibalism can be found here . If one is interested in the more modern occurrences of this abhorrent practice among some of society’s most malevolent creatures read this . Very disturbing stuff , on a par with serial killers we would say , as a fount of human nightmares.