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The Plot Against The Internet




 ” Bureaucrats from around the world will gather behind closed doors in Dubai next week to plot an end to the Internet as we know it — or so Washington would have you believe.

Hill lawmakers warn that the 120-plus U.S. delegation needs to fend off efforts by China, Russia and developing nations to use a United Nations branch organization to censor or tax the Net. Google is orchestrating an online petition drive, and even Grover Norquist is involved. “


Does Anyone Believe That Freedom Will Be Advanced By The Likes Of Russia , China Or The Muslim World ?

Of Course We Here At Youviewed Never Believed That Obama Could Persuade A Majority Of The Voters That He Was Best For Our Country Either .


 ” In a consensus-driven process, member states of the International Telecommunications Union, a branch of the U.N., will negotiate a new treaty on international telecommunication regulations. It’s only one vote per country, and, by definition, that will weed out extreme proposals, experts say.

At the end of the day, the U.S. doesn’t have to sign the treaty — it’s all voluntary.

So why all the hysteria about the Dubai confab?

“The concern over WCIT was never that it would be the killing blow but rather the latest, and by no means the last, effort by repressive governments to kill the Internet any way they can,” said Larry Downes, a tech consultant and one of the preeminent rabble-rousers of doom surrounding the treaty negotiations. “

  A scathing indictment of  the UN , its rampant corruption , blatant anti-semitism , complete ineffectiveness  and worse still , an explanation of why it is likely to remain so .

“This paradox points to one of the
fundamental reasons for the persistence of the United Nations over time. The chronic promise of tomorrow provides a reason to put up with the chronic failures of today. Everything the organization does today, no matter how ineffective, ineffectual, corrupt, rent-seeking, or just plain wrong,
has to be excused on the basis of what the organization will someday be.

   It does not finally matter what the scandal, the appallingly bad behavior, the failure of management or of execution or of fiscal control happens to be. It can be wholesale mismanagement and corruption through.the Oil-for-Food program (does anyone
still recall that multi-billion dollar scandal?) and the flight of a senior UN executive tohis extradition-free home state.

   It might be rape and sexual.predation against the young, not only by UN peacekeeping troops trading sex for food but also by UN civilian staff in African conflicts—followed by stern
pronouncements of zero tolerance but no actual criminal prosecutions. Or it might be the unveiling of a $23 million mural on
the ceiling of the UN Human Rights
Council chambers—the main sponsor, Spain, having raided its international development aid budget to help pay for it.

   It might be the relentless orchestration of.reports, statements, declarations,
resolutions, and investigations by that same Human Rights Council, beneath its magnificent mural, and its members and various “independent” experts and NGO
enablers against a single state: Israel.

   Or it could be the utter and disastrous inability of the United Nations to actually get aid in a timely fashion to victims of the
2004 tsunami, as its aid czar held press conferences and sent observers to reconnoiter and finally fell into the usual
default activity of blaming the United States. Or—at the largest political levels, looking back across UN history—it might be UN inaction in genocide in Rwanda and
Bosnia. “

As the professor is wont to say “we’re in the best of hands”

  ” It’s bad enough to have a columnist at one of America’s most prominent newspapers regularly
singing the praises of Chinese authoritarianism. It’s worse when high-ranking members of the
American government do it. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood griped at the Aspen Ideas
Festival about having to deal with political opposition, and yearned for the ease in which Beijing could impose solutions without having to
deal with dissent: ”

Isn’t it wonderful that our present administration draws on Red China for it’s inspiration and longs for the control that only authoritarian dictatorship can bring ?

“The Chinese are more successful [in building infrastructure] because in their country, only three people make the decision. In our country, 3,000 people do, 3 million,” LaHood said in a short interview
with The Cable on the sidelines of the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival on June 30. ”

  Are these the kind of people we want running our country for 4  more years ?  God help us .

What is it about democratic administrations that makes them yearn to host the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood , Arafat and any and all other terrorists/dictators in the White House … Our House ?

Posted by John Galt