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” The video shows an American woman filming a lightning storm she describes as “a real rootin’ tootin’ little rainfall.” But what she calls “little rainfall” comes down in thick sheets around her home with palm trees swaying under heavy gusts of wind.

The video posted to YouTube by Rita Krill was probably shot in Florida.”

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We can hope 

When Dr. Mary T. Newport’s husband, Steve was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, she began immediately researching different treatment options and found that MCT oil was the only one that showed to actually improve memory.

  “Dr. Newport, medical director of the neonatal intensive care unit at Florida’s Spring Hill Regional Hospital since 2003, noticed that Steve was struggling with daily tasks and in spite of taking longer to complete business tasks, he was making more and more mistakes. She told the Tampa Bay Times:

“There were big clues, and I knew that something was going on here. He didn’t know the full ramifications of his decline — I hate to say it but that was the only blessing. I was watching my husband of 36 years simply fade away.” “


  “NASA’s Curiosity, a 2,000-pound super-rover, has found proof that water was on Mars, ranging from ankle to waist deep. This is based on images showing what looks like an ancient gravel stream bed, with Curiosity using one contaminated drill bit.

The evidence of water on Mars is not new evidence, as NASA has found previous signs of water on the Red Planet. NASA’s rover Spirit had discovered sulfate-rich soil beneath the Martian surface, which suggested an earlier presence of liquid water. Also, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbit probed and found water ice in areas that were far away from the Martian polar caps. “