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How Do You Charge An Unarmed Man With Shooting People?

Get The NYPD Involved






” In September, New York Police officers responded to an emotionally disturbed man causing a ruckus at a Times Square bus terminal by opening fire on him while they were surrounded by crowds and traffic. They missed him and hit two innocent bystanders (one of whom was in a walker). Police said at the time they thought the man, Glenn Broadnax, was reaching for a gun, but he turned out to be unarmed.

  Even though Broadnax was not armed, an indictment unsealed Wednesday is charging him with assault for the injuries caused by police gunfire. From the New York Times:

  Initially Mr. Broadnax was arrested on misdemeanor charges of menacing, drug possession and resisting arrest. But the Manhattan district attorney’s office persuaded a grand jury to charge Mr. Broadnax with assault, a felony carrying a maximum sentence of 25 years. Specifically, the nine-count indictment unsealed on Wednesday said Mr. Broadnax “recklessly engaged in conduct which created a grave risk of death.”







” One of the women shot by the police is absolutely not having it:

  Mariann Wang, a lawyer representing Sahar Khoshakhlagh, one of the women who was wounded, said the district attorney should be pursuing charges against the two officers who fired their weapons in a crowd, not against Mr. Broadnax. “It’s an incredibly unfortunate use of prosecutorial discretion to be prosecuting a man who didn’t even injure my client,” she said. “It’s the police who injured my client.”



    When we construct a society that grooms it’s citizens to refuse to take responsibility , a lesson consistently demonstrated from the President right on down to the beat cop , this is the end result . Not even the cops with the lousy aim are to blame for wounding bystanders , oh no … it was the “emotionally disturbed” man’s fault . 

   This is hardly the first time the NYPD have shot up the bystanders . In August of 2012 , Ny city cops fired sixteen rounds on a crowded street , killing the suspect but also wounding nine innocent bystanders . The police record on shooting accuracy leaves a lot to be desired and is an ongoing problem but it seems that law enforcement has come up with a novel way of shifting the blame .

    Blaming the victim has become a convenient way of shirking responsibility that reached the highest office in the land and was turned into a reliable self-protective measure by ‘Slick Willie” who’s womanizing always turned out to be the fault of the woman and never Bill’s . The trickle down theory has now spread the “it wasn’t my fault” excuse to everyday life .










Crystal Mangum Found Guilty Of 2nd-Degree Murder




” A jury found Crystal Mangum guilty of second-degree murder Friday for stabbing and killing her boyfriend, Reginald Daye, in 2011.

After Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway sentenced Mangum to 14 years and two months to 18 years in prison, deputies immediately led her handcuffed out of the courtroom.

In 2006, Mangum accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping her at a party. The charges were later dismissed after the evidence did not back up Mangum’s story. Her accusations tore apart the Duke lacrosse program and resulted in the disbarment of District Attorney Mike Nifong.

Assistant District Attorney Charlene Franks, who prosecuted the murder case, said it was never about Crystal Mangum, the Duke lacrosse accuser.”











Prosecutor Asks That She Not Be Called ‘the Government’ Because The Term Is ‘Derogatory’




” Last month a Tennessee judge overseeing a burglary case rejected a pretrial motion in which the prosecution requested that it not be referred to as “the Government” because that term is “derogatory.” In the May 22 motion, Assistant District Attorney General Tammy J. Rettig noted with alarm that “it has become commonplace during trials for attorneys for defendants, and especially Mr. [Drew] Justice [the defendant’s lawyer], to refer to State’s attorneys as ‘the Government’ repeatedly during trial.” …  She therefore urged Williamson County Circuit Court Judge Michael Binkley to bar Justice from using the g-word during the trial and instead refer to her as “General Rettig, the Assit District Attorney General, Mrs. Rettig, or simply the State of Tennessee.”

In his response, Justice argued that such an order would violate the First Amendment. Should Judge Binkley nevertheless see fit to comply with Rettig’s request, Justice said, he also should consider a few other speech limits in the interest of neutral terminology:

First, the Defendant no longer wants to be called “the Defendant.” This rather archaic term of art, obviously has a fairly negative connotation. It unfairly demeans, and dehumanizes Mr. Donald Powell. The word “defendant” should be banned. At trial, Mr. Powell hereby demands be addressed only by his full name, preceded by the title “Mister.” Alternatively, he may be called simply “the Citizen Accused.” This latter title sounds more respectable than the criminal “Defendant.” The designation “That innocent man” would also be acceptable.

Moreover, defense counsel does not wish to be referred to as a “lawyer,” or a “defense attorney.” Those terms are substantially more prejudicial than probative….Rather, counsel for the Citizen Accused should be referred to primarily as the “Defender of the Innocent.” This title seems particularly appropriate, because every Citizen Accused is presumed innocent. Alternatively, counsel would also accept the designation “Guardian of the Realm.” Further, the Citizen Accused humbly requests an appropriate military title for his own representative, to match that of the opposing counsel. Whenever addressed by name, the name “Captain Justice” will be appropriate. While less impressive than “General,” still, the more humble term seems suitable. After all, the Captain represents only a Citizen Accused, whereas the General represents an entire State.”


What can we say ? Counselor Justice said it best … Bravo to the judge for rejecting the “State” prosecutor’s farcical motion .








Wife Of Ex-Judge Confesses In Texas DA Slayings




” Authorities say the wife of a former judge has confessed to being involved in the shooting deaths of aNorth Texas district attorney, his wife and an assistant prosecutor.

Kim Lene Williams was arrested early Wednesday. Kaufman County sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Justin Lewis says Williams is being charged in all three deaths. Lewis says she is being held on $10 million bond.” 





” KAUFMAN, Texas — In a surprising twist, the wife of a jailed former justice of the peace was charged Wednesday with capital murder after authorities say she confessed to helping her husband kill two North Texas prosecutors who aggressively secured a theft conviction against him. The overnight arrest and charge against Kim Lene Williams is the latest turn in an investigation that had recently focused on Eric Williams after authorities searched his home and a nearby storage facility stocked with guns. An arrest affidavit alleges she told investigators Tuesday that her husband shot and killed Kaufman County assistant prosecutor Mark Hasse in January and District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife last month. (See Texas Justice @ http://youtu.be/Mc36ccqeUtA)”







Ex-Justice Of Peace To Be Charged In Texas Prosecutor Murders

” A former justice of the peace is expected to be charged with capital murder in the killings of two Texas prosecutors and the wife of one of them, officials say.

The charges against Eric Williams, 46, in the deaths of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland, 63, his wife Cynthia, 65, and Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, 57, are expected to be filed as early as Tuesday, law enforcement authorities in Kaufman, Texas, told The Dallas Morning News.”









Texas District Attorney, Wife Found Dead After Prosecutor Killed




” A Texas district attorney and his wife were shot dead in the same county where an assistant prosecutor was gunned down outside a courthouse in January, the sheriff of Kaufman County, said on Sunday.

Security has been tightened for other officials after the shooting deaths of Kaufman County Criminal District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, Sheriff David Byrnes said.

Byrnes said it was not clear if there was a link between the shootings and the January slaying of Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse. Hasse was shot and killed as he walked from his car to the county courthouse . ”







Murder Rate in Brooklyn Lowest Since 1960




” An extreme drop in Brooklyn‘s murder rate over the last two decades is reflectant of the dedication of residents, elected officials and the NYPD to keep neighborhoods safe, according to Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes.

Mr. Hynes noted that when he first took office in 1990, there were 780 murders in the borough. Last year the number, at 149, was the first time it was less than 150 since 1960. “