Meet The Tiny Bomb-Wielding Spacecraft That Could Someday Save Our Species



  ” Scientists have given some thought as to how we’ll defend ourselves when a giant asteroid inevitably heads our way and solutions range from paintballs to nukes. A team at Iowa State University has settled on the latter, and they’ve got plans for a ship that can do it waiting in the wings.

While the plan would be similar to that in Armageddon—drill a hole in the asteroid, blow it up with a nuke—the idea would be to have a specialized ship specifically designed for that purpose. Enter the Hypervelocity Asteroid Intercept Vehicle or HAIV. The HAIV does not rely on drill robots or Bruce Willis, but rather two different explosives, one to blast out a crater, and then a nuke, which would follow just a split second later and tear the asteroid apart. And all this is without a single human being on board. ”