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Killer Clown 3 – The Uncle! Scare Prank!



Published on Sep 7, 2014

” The psycho killer clown is back and this time his uncle’s here to join the party!
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– The Guys from the stream roller scene called the police and the cops seized one of my cameras, containing one of the best reactions, I’ve ever had from the clown pranks. Once I get it back, I will post the scene directly on Facebook: https://facebook.com/dmpranks

– The guy, who jumped into the water also called the cops and we nearly had our entire crew arrested. Luckily, the cops were cool and we got lucky.

– The reveals and deleted scenes will be posted on my Facebook page in the following days or I’ll put up an annotation at the end of the video, linking to an Youtube video, containing everything.

– It took us about 5 weeks to produce this video.

– Getting the right victims was by far the hardest part, we’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time, cooperating over radio stations, choosing and waiting for the right victims.

– If someone’s face is blurred out, that’s because he/she didn’t sign our release form and the police was called several times too.

*** The chainsaw had its chain removed *** “




Below is the DM Pranks crew’s latest effort , just in time for Halloween . What’s creepier than Nazi mutants ?









Published on Oct 27, 2014

In 1942 something went wrong during a nazi experiment, they didn’t know what that was about to lead 72 years later. “




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You’ll Never Feel Safe At The Circus Again! Prank Clowns Fool Passers-By Into Believing They Are Beating Up And Killing Strangers







” He doesn’t juggle or ride a unicycle – and it’s unlikely you’ll ever see him at a children’s birthday party.
Instead, this creepy clown spends his free time lurking in empty car parks and dark subways – before hammering strangers to near death with his trusty iron weapon.

  But luckily, the violent clown is merely a circus act – who has been created as part of an elaborate prank to trick random members of the public.”



The clown is heard laughing hysterically as the fake person is left lying in a pool of blood in the car park




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  Now the video starring the clown, created by two pranksters from Magione, Italy, has become an online sensation. Matteo, one of the men behind the video, said the clown prank film – which took ten days to make – was incredibly unique.

  He said: ‘I think we are doing some content never ever seen on the web, especially our social experiments and also our extreme pranks.”


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