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Park Service Paramilitaries




” But the one place where a full-scale shutdown is being enforced is in America’s alleged “National Park Service,” a term of art that covers everything from canyons and glaciers to war memorials and historic taverns. The NPS has spent the last two weeks behaving as the paramilitary wing of the DNC, expending more resources in trying to close down open-air, unfenced areas than it would normally do in keeping them open. It began with the war memorials on the National Mall — that’s to say, stone monuments on pieces of grass under blue sky. It’s the equivalent of my New Hampshire town government shutting down and deciding therefore to ring the Civil War statue on the village common with yellow police tape and barricades.

Still, the NPS could at least argue that these monuments were within their jurisdiction — although they shouldn’t be. Not content with that, the NPS shock troops then moved on to insisting that privately run sites such as the Claude Moore Colonial Farm and privately owned sites such as Mount Vernon were also required to shut. When the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway declined to comply with the government’s order to close (an entirely illegal order, by the way), the “shut down” Park Service sent armed agents and vehicles to blockade the hotel’s driveway. “










and now  ” Fighter jets in Democratic convention’s military montage were Turkish, not American “


” The Democratic National Committee has already apologized for using a photo of four Soviet-era
Russian warships in a giant stage backdrop intended to illustrate the party’s support for military personnel and veterans.

Some support …

But the F-5 fighter planes in the photo are part of the air force of Turkey, a nation whose government is now jailing journalists and establishing Islam as a state religion.”

 ” ABC News breaks a story that one of the three featured speakers supposedly deprived of a job by Bain Capital is just a union negotiator who never worked for a Bain-financed company. The Democrat Party deliberately misrepresented steel union negotiator David Foster as someone who worked under the Romney-controlled Bain Capital.”

A deeper bench ? Hah! That’s funny.

“Conventional warfare: Why Democrats won ”

  “Or maybe it’s because
Democrats were simply blessed with a deeper bench of political athletes in 2012. But whatever the reason, Republicans were lapped by their rivals and may ultimately
pay in November for botching Mitt
Romney’s debut.”

Does anyone care what John ” by the way I served in Viet Nam” Kerry has to say ?

  ” But it was John Kerry who really left me feeling awkward when he attacked Governor Romney
for being, er, inconsistent in his positions: “Mr. Romney, here’s a little advice. Before you debate
Barack Obama on foreign policy, you better finish the debate with yourself.” “

” Jennifer Granholm DNC Speech: Really Strange Podium Explosion”

  “Jennifer Granholm, the former Governor of Michigan, gave a speech Thursday, during the
DNC. Needless to say, videos are popping up all over the web (including here) …and for good
reason. Liberal media sources are calling it ‘electrifying’.Conservatives aren’t exactly sure what to call it.”

Jennifer Rubin at Right Turn

” 2. The press, even liberal commentators, admitted that Obama had bombed. Sure, there
were bitter-enders who claimed all was fine, but the cable TV talking heads and the vast majority of columnists were brutally honest. MSNBC personalities were downright glum. “

” Thoughts on night three of the
Democratic convention”

  ” Barack Obama went into this convention essentially tied with Mitt Romney. Most voters want to think well of whoever is president but most voters dislike the current economy and disapprove of his economic policies. In these
circumstances I thought and think he needs a pivot, an indication of what new goals he would seek in a second term. We didn’t get that at this convention. Bill Clinton dramatically made the argument that no one–not even Bill Clinton–
could have done better. This will be credible to many voters, but probably not to some current
Undecideds. “

Oops! Joe Biden Messes Up

Michelle Obama Spoke on Tuesday – Not Wednesday or Monday

A Dagger in Jerusalem “

  “What an illuminating moment on CBS This Morning, as Senator Schumer puts a dagger through the heart (to use his favorite expression) of Jerusalem. He is being interviewed on the decision of the Democratic Party to remove from its platform this year language it had four years ago asserting that Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel. He is asked why the step was taken. Mr. Schumer dodges the question by asserting that “everyone knows” the “vast, overwhelming majority” of Democrats are for Jerusalem being the undivided capital of Israel. He calls it a “tempest in a teapot.” He then confesses he doesn’t know why it’s no longer in the party platform.”


  He does indeed know why . it’s because the extreme left wing of the party has been taken over by anti-semites and the extreme left wing is calling the shots thanks to an extreme left wing president . 


  “Charlie Rose doesn’t let him off, asking him several times what is the president’s position. Mr. Schumer tries another dodge, saying the president is for a “very, very strong” Israel. But what is the president’s position on Jerusalem as the capital? persists Mr. Rose. Mr. Schumer tries to get Mr. Rose to believe that Mr. Schumer doesn’t know the president’s position. Mr. Rose will have none of it. “You know what his position is, don’t you,” he says. “No, I don’t,” Mr. Schumer claims. “You don’t know?” Mr. Rose asks in disbelief.  “You’ve never asked him to support Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?” Says Mr. Schumer: “I’ve always assumed . . . “ Mr. Rose is still voicing incredulity at the end of the clip.”


As a Jew Chuck Schumer should be ashamed of himself . As Jews in general should be ashamed of the totally unwarranted support they offer the party of hatred and devisiveness .



” Wasserman Schultz calls Jerusalem omission from platform a ‘technical error’ “

  “Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.) explained the exclusion of language recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in the 2012 Democratic national platform as a “technical error” that had not been discussed at all during the drafting process. 

“Essentially, with Jerusalem, it was a technical omission and nothing more than that,” Wasserman Schultz said Thursday on CNN. “There was never any discussion or debate commentary over adding or subtracting it.” “


   Debbie , Debbie , Debbie… We’ve seen the video of the floor vote . After three attempts to reach a two thirds majority vote it was called in favor of including Jerusalem and God in your platform but the voice vote was in no way a conclusive majority , hence the booing from your delegates on the announcement that the motion had passed. 

  You need to remember that thanks to AlGore we can fact-check your a.. with impunity . You resemble “Baghdad Bob” more with each passing day .

  “Horror show: Wednesday night at the DNC”

“Wednesday was a wonderful political day for Republicans. Let’s recap. The day started off with the flap over platform language. That in
turn led to the spectacle of Democratic delegates booing the vote to put back Jerusalem and God back into the platform. It was even in the eyes of the most Obama-
sympathetic media a horrid disruption, signaling both incompetence and hostility to things that many if not most Americans hold dear. The news got worse as Politico reported that the
president had signed off on the platform sans God and Jerusalem. The Romney camp could hardly believe the avalanche of atrocious
press . (Democratic National Committee chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s
insistence that there had been no controversy brought CNN’s Anderson Cooper to declare
she was operating in an “alternate universe.”)

   It was a remarkable, actual newsmaking episode, something we rarely get at conventions. Moreover, it was the worst blunder
in a scripted TV event in recent memory. “

Via 100 Percent FED Up’s Page


“MICHELLE: When Barack was a senator and presidential candidate, to me he was still the guy who picked me up for our dates in a car that was so rusted out, I could actually see the pavement going by in a hole in the passenger side door. He was the guy whose proudest possession was a coffee table he found in a dumpster, and whose only pair of decent shoes was a half size too small.

RUSH: Oh, gee, poor guy. And his brother in the hut is still living that way. I wonder if Michelle’s ever seen his college transcripts. Do you think she has? Do you think she knows about his college transcripts or anything that he wrote, Law Review, Harvard. Her parents actually let her get in a car that had rusted out holes in the passenger side door? Do we really believe that Obama’s proudest possession was a coffee table extricated from a dumpster dive? Sorry, folks, I just wasn’t buying.

RUSH: Why were Obama’s shoes a half size too small? We’re supposed to conclude from that: The guy was so poor, had so little, and was barely surviving! His most-prized possession was a coffee table from a garbage Dumpster, and his shoes that were a half size too small. (interruption) He didn’t care about material things? (interruption) So he goes in to buy a pair of shoes and buys them a half size too small because he doesn’t care to buy a pair that fit?

You’re telling me that he didn’t buy the shoes? He had to get those out of the Dumpster, too? Obama was working for a law firm when he started dating Michelle! He wasn’t wearing shoes a half size too small when he was dating Michelle Obama. He was working at a law firm! I don’t care. The point is, it’s tugging at our heart strings. Obama did not grow up in poverty. His grandmother, the “typical white woman,” worked in a bank! (interruption)”

Democrats Hastily Try To Add God And Jerusalem Into Their Platform, Hilarity Ensues

You must watch this video .

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome to
belong to the government”

“Revealing Politics asked DNC attendees and delegates in Charlotte what they thought of one
of the themes of the DNC promotional video that played in the arena last night— “The
government is the only thing we all belong to.”

  The Obama campaign is backing away from the video, but DNC attendees sure aren’t.”

” Five Extreme Things the Professor
Won’t Mention in Her DNC Speech”

  “Harvard Law School professor and consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren will speak tonight before former President Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte. Warren is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts on a platform calling for between $1 trillion and $3.4 trillion in tax hikes, and an ideology that “there is nobody in this country who got rich
on his own.”

  Warren has a number of skeletons in her closet, including close links to
radical left-wing pressure groups and a record of helping corporate interests suppress asbestos liability lawsuits.

  “I’ll be talking about working families. That’s mostly what I’ll be talking about,” Warren told a reporter in Charlotte when asked about her upcoming speech.

  Here are five things Warren won’t be talking about: “

DNC to require ID in order to attend festivities

  “The voter ID debate has raged from sea to shining sea, casting the nation into the question of -should folks have to prove that they are who they say they are when they go to the booth?  The democrat platform dictates that it’s none of the state’s business to confirm the identities of those who are engaged in state business.  Why?  Because that’s so racist …and poor folks won’t be able to vote. (Which is obviously the illogical fallacy of a  false consequence.)

Nevertheless, to join the festivities at the DNC, attenders must have ID.  In a direct quote from the DNC website:”

Michelle Obama says hubby doesn’t believe in ‘us versus them’

“I love that for Barack, there’s no such thing as us & them—he doesn’t care whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or none of the above.”

 “The First Lady managed to deliver that line with a straight face, but conservatives who have watched four years of White House division and demonization of the Right weren’t having it:”

“”For Barack there’s no such thing as us or them” – MO || except in every single class warfare laden speech he gives. 

“Michelle: “For Barack, there is no Dem or GOP, no us or them.” GOP donors attacked by name on Obama’s website: “Uh….” “


American’s For Limited Government 

” Hollywood bailing on President Obama and the Democratic National Convention “

” And it seems the majority of Clooney’s high-powered Hollywood counterparts are also passing on the 2012 convention – a far cry from 2008’s showdown in
Denver, Colorado which attracted
dozens of A-listers including Oprah
Winfrey, Sarah Silverman, Fallout Boy, John Legend, Cyndi Lauper, Ashanti, Fran Drescher, Ashley Judd, Rage Against the Machine, Aisha Tyler, Anne Hathaway, Susan Sarandon, Jon Hamm, Cash Warren, Jessica Alba, Fergie, Will.i.am, Kanye West, Matthew Modine, Kerry Washington, Stevie Wonder,
Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Hudson,
Shawn Johnson, Forest Whitaker, Star Jones, Wilmer Valderama, Daniel Dae Kim, Kelly Hu, Jamie Foxx, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Chevy Chase, Richard Dreyfuss, Melissa Etheridge and Pharrell

  Just to name a few.”

“Democrats won’t disclose donors to Charlotte convention”

  “Interested in finding out who is underwriting the Democratic convention this year? Good luck :
Democratic Party officials say they will not release the names of donors to next month’s political convention before the event, despite an earlier pledge that they would regularly disclose the contributors.”