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Puppycide Documentary Moves Forward




” Thousands of family dogs are shot by law enforcement each year. A documentary now being assembled tries to find out why. You can watch the trailer above.

Some readers may be familiar with Cheye Calvo, the mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland. Police raided his home when they discovered that a large package of marijuana in transit was addressed to Calvo’s wife. The package, meant for someone else, led police to execute a SWAT raid during which they shot the family’s dogs, Payton and ChasePuppycide is a feature-length documentary that attempts to capture both the impact on traumatized families and the rationales offered by police.”


   Are you a dog owner ? Don’t let the cops near your house then . They are liable to shoot first and ask questions never . If you can spare the money please contribute to the “Puppycide” Kickstarter campaign .

   It appears that the funding goal was not reached and so the producers will need to start over as Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraising tool . Hopefully they have figured another way to get the necessary funds . We will try to keep our readers posted on new developments in hopes of seeing this documentary to it’s successful conclusion . 

   Here is a synopsis from the Kickstarter page regarding “Puppycide” 



” Every 98 minutes, a dog is shot by law enforcement. Help us tell their stories.

PUPPYCIDE is a feature length documentary that takes a journey with victims of puppycide, the dogs and their owners. From the moment they meet and seal their emotional bonds to the excruciating trauma of loss, we follow the dog owners’ battles for justice with police culture and the legal system, both of which treat puppycides as acceptable collateral damage.”



Justice For Dogs



“When we first learned about puppycide, we assumed that these must be cases of police responding to threats on their lives from dogs trained to attack by criminal owners. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We found scores of videos and news stories about dogs who were laying down, tails wagging, even running away but still shot by officers who used lethal force as their first and only response. 

We were very upset by the footage and stories and felt a documentary on the topic was in need. We took our cameras on the road, reaching out to victims and capturing their experiences.

We also began exploring the police perspective, which is a vital part of this story. While some incidents involve callous officers too quick with the trigger, we found the issue is much bigger than that. The lack of repercussions, policy changes, new equipment, or apologies, demonstrate how systemic this problem is. Experts have explained in interviews how police officers are not currently offered the simple training, tools, and support they need to change.

We’ve found countless people who don’t know puppycide is going on and wish to know more about it. That is why we feel this documentary is so important, and why we need your help to tell these tragic stories in a feature length documentary so that PUPPYCIDE can reach the masses.”


Infographic from PetsAdvisor.com



    You can find out more about this heinous practice and see hundreds of dogs slaughtered by police at the Facebook page : Dogs Shot by Police and here is the Facebook page for “Puppycide” . See also the FB page Justice For Cisco .

   Where are the animal rights activists on this horrendous practice ? Are they only interested in animal abuse that is not state-sponsored ? The silence is deafening .












‘Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire’ Now Available On-Demand




” “‘Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire’ is the first theatrical film to present the facts on gun control. Narrated by the legendary rapper Ice-T, this film gives an eye-opening perspective on the true intentions of gun control laws and the remarkable role gun ownership plays in public safety.”

This documentary, which got its start as a crowdsourced Kickstarter project, is now available through a handful of streaming and video-on-demand services, including iTunes, Amazon Prime, Xbox Live, Google Play, AT&T U-Verse, Dish Network and Charter On Demand.”

Profiles In Discourage


File:Rock Creek Park NPS sign.jpg



” Documentary filmmaker Charles Ferguson wanted to make a movie about Hillary Clinton, but had to scrap his plans:

“When I approached people for interviews, I discovered that nobody, and I mean nobody, was interested in helping me make this film. Not Democrats, not Republicans — and certainly nobody who works with the Clintons, wants access to the Clintons, or dreams of a position in a Hillary Clinton administration.”

Mr. Ferguson said that even journalists refused to talk.”



Nobody wants a one way trip to Rock Creek Park . But then again …











Published on Sep 4, 2013

” Fracking has been a standard practice in natural gas mining for a long time, but documentary films have caused some laypeople to question its safety. How justified are these fears?http://infactvideo.com “









#6. Super Size Me — Nobody Can Replicate the Results

” On some level, we all know that almost everything we see at the movies is bullshit, from the amount of bullets a person can take without dying to what the job of pizza delivery boy actually entails. Except documentaries. Documentaries are where we turn off the snark and open our minds to learn about distant lands, alarming realities, and how much McDonald’s a dude can eat.

However, it turns out that some of the most acclaimed documentaries ever are about as real as Borat.”







The Bitcoin Life As Lived By Beckie and Austin




   Become a part of a fascinating experiment as newlyweds Austin and Beccy Craig attempt to live the first 90 days their married lives spending nothing but bitcoins . To make it even more interesting they are doing a documentary film of their adventure and you are invited to help pay for the filming through Kickstarter if you are so inclined . 




” Can a newly married couple survive when every living necessity can only be purchased with “cryptocurrency”?

Right now, you can buy anything online from soap to illegal drugs with bitcoin—you can date online, setup a WordPress blog, buy bee-keeping equipment, or even buy gold. It’s come a long way, but could you survive using just bitcoin in the REAL world? We’re going to find out! (What is bitcoin?)



When we get off the plane after our honeymoon, the adventure begins. We will hand our credit cards, cell phones, and cash over to the film crew and from then on, for at least the next three months, we will ONLY USE BITCOIN. Period. To see how far this experiment can go, we’ve established some goals, with each level taking the project further.

1. Live on Bitcoin at Home

The baseline for our project and documentary is for everyday necessities to be found and bought using bitcoin. That includes:

  • Furniture
  • Groceries
  • Cell phone
  • Internet
  • Rent
  • Restaurants
  • Medical
  • Life Insurance
  • Everything else we might need, from chewing gum to a plumber

This also means no cutting corners. If we need anything, there’s only one way we buy it: bitcoin.

2. Get paid in Bitcoin

As creative professionals, we often freelance projects for a variety of clients. We’ll find out if our clients are willing to make the jump to paying in bitcoin, just as we’ll pay anybody we hire with bitcoin.

3. Road Trip

We think the project will get even more interesting if we leave home, away from supportive friends and family. When we’re buying from complete strangers, will bitcoin keep us from starving or being stranded?

We’ll try to the following:

  • Buy a reliable but cheap car with bitcoin
  • Travel at least 600 miles each way
  • Pay for gas (even if we have to barter with farmers)
  • Find car insurance
  • Stay in hotels (or camp if we can’t find hotels)

4. Travel to Another Country (stretch goal)

We want to see how far our life on bitcoin can go, literally and figuratively. We’ll travel to another country where enough businesses and individuals have shown support for bitcoin. If you own a small business and are willing to accept bitcoin, tell us!

5. Cross an Ocean (stretch goal)

How far can we go? South America? Europe? The other side of the globe? This will mean finding a travel agency or airline willing to take bitcoin, or maybe even a private jet or boat. If you know someone with the means who is willing to take bitcoin, let us know.







As we film this documentary we’re going to need the help of independent businesses. Without the merchants to sell us the living necessities, there’s no way we’ll succeed. Gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, car rental shops, taxis, attorneys, doctors, travel agents, dentists, hotels… if you own a small business and you’d be willing to take Bitcoin, submit your business to us at LifeOnBitcoin.com/Local so we can come find you.



Thankfully, we are not doing this whole project alone. We have a very talented and experienced team working on this project with us.


Beccy is a brilliant graphic designer and Austin is a pitchman for Internet infomercials like Orabrush (his face has been viewed over 50 million times as the “Orabrush Guy” on YouTube).


They’re in high demand, but for this project, Joe and Travis will put other productions at THE GOOD LINE on hold. They’ll follow our every step while we live on Bitcoin, plus they’ll work for months after we’re done to get the film finished. Take a look at some of their fantastic work and you’ll see why we wanted them on the project.” 









U.S. Marine’s Documentary Recounts The Brutal Battle Of Fallujah





” It was the most brutal campaign since the battle of Hue City, Vietnam in 1968. The invasion of Fallujah, Iraq in 2004 was conducted by U.S. Marines, and it would take two major offensives to subdue the insurgent stronghold.

Garrett Anderson, a former radio operator with 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, and Veteran of the second battle, turned the camera lens on his comrades to create an intimate portrait of the life they shared nearly 10 years ago.

Dubbed “The November War”, Anderson has set up a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the documentary’s production. The film’s premise revolves around 12 Marines from his unit who recount a gritty, tragic day of fighting on Nov. 22, 2004.”











Jan Morgan Video Documentary: Rampant Injustice






” This documentary exposes the blatant trampling of the Constitutional rights of Americans during white collar crime investigations by the Department of Justice and the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service .

It is about the increasing number of unconstitutional, para-military, gestapo style raid tactics involving two agencies of the federal government.”