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1 In 7 Prisoners May Be An Illegal Alien





Doug Ross at Director Blue has done the math of the costs of Jeb Bush’s Acts of Love and the convict side alone is pretty expensive.


” A little research led me to a fairly startling number. In 2012 alone, it was estimated that 350,000 illegal aliens are imprisoned in the United States, having been convicted of major crimes.

  I repeat: 350,000 illegal aliens are residing in our prisons.

  And how much does each illegal cost the taxpayer? The New York Times states that “the annual average taxpayer cost in these states was $31,286 per inmate.”

  The total cost to the American taxpayer? $11 billion.”

” And that’s not measuring the full cost to society. We’re not talking about the costs of their pro bono lawyers, interpreters and social workers. We’re not talking about the enormous costs of their trials.

  Those numbers can range around $42,000 p/courtroom hour. So we’ve got at least another $11 billion right there. Probably much more. And much of it borne by local municipalities.

  Finally this means that illegal aliens make up 350,000 of the country’s 2.3 million inmates. Or 1 in 7 prisoners is an illegal alien.

  And it means that the average incarceration rate for illegal aliens is much higher than the national 743 per 100,000 rate. Instead it would be more like 1 out of 33.”


Frontpage Mag










    Mr Ross is to be commended for undertaking the herculean task of compiling these detailed , link-backed timelines of the the Obama administration’s present collection of misdeeds and the corresponding cover-ups . You’ll want to bookmark these posts for handy future reference.

DAMNING: The Complete Benghazi Timeline Spreadsheet [Updated]

” The complete Benghazi timeline, now augmented with information from eyewitness testimony before Congress, various leaks from the warring Obama/Clinton camps, Stephen Hayes, Sharyl Attkisson, and the House Oversight Committee [PDF], leads me to four inescapable conclusions.

It is now clear to me that:

a) Hillary Clinton lied to Congress.
b) Barack Obama went to sleep knowing that a U.S. Ambassador and other Americans were under terrorist attack.
c) Barack Obama awoke refreshed the next day to begin fundraising.
d) The entire Executive Branch lied repeatedly to the American people to save Obama’s chances for reelection.

Could someone drag John Boehner out of whatever bar he’s in, wake him up, and get him to name a Select Committee on Benghazi?”

Click here or the headline to access all the links on the above graphic …


And here is an equally informative timeline that Mr Ross has created , documenting the burgeoning IRS scandal .

” Reading this timeline, I have come to three conclusions:

  1. Steve Miller lied to Congress
  2. Lois Lerner lied to Congress
  3. Barack Obama lied to the American people

This scandal has the fingerprints of Axelrod, Jarrett and/or the Chicago Machine all over it.

This is fascism on the part of the IRS and the White House. It is fascism, straight up.

Or, as I call the IRS: Organizing for Revenue.”

    Keep both handy for future reference and be sure to check back often with Doug as both timelines are being frequently updated.

Dear Democrat Party,

  ” Congratulations on Tuesday’s victories.

Congratulations on the new tax hikes that will restrain the economy next year as the Bush tax cuts end and the myriad dictates and fees imposed by Obamacare begin. We are already seeing companies downsize or flee and investors begin to bail out of the stock market. Rest assured that your tactics of class warfare will ultimately succeed just as well as they have throughout the world for the last two centuries.

Congratulations on giving us an excellent preview of what lies ahead with your stewardship in the Golden State, where Global Economic Analysis says — after the various statewide ballot initiatives and elections — “Prepare for the Demise of California“….

Be Sure To Read The Whole Piece

… And, finally, congratulations on ensuring that no one in Washington — including the feckless, old guard Republican leadership — expresses the least bit of concern that we have long since passed the historical Rogoff-Reinhart tipping point of debt-to-GDP that spells inevitable economic doom.

Well done. Enjoy your victories and remember: As ye sow, so shall ye reap.


Doug Ross




” The Democrat Party is the party of factional payola : it is comprised of factions who are united to attain power and reap rewards such
as loans, direct transfer of funds, contract set asides, special legislation for special treatment,
pay increases, and patronage.

  All of their ideology is meant to accomplish is attaining power and keeping their factions united.

  They have NO principles. Redistribution really means taking from the enemy and giving to the
factions in the party.”

HT/Director Blue

Renewable Fuels Scam # ??

More of our hard earned money flushed away in Obama’s Greening of the world . Just motre of the same in the era of ” Hope & Change ” . 

  “A Maryland man faces trial in a $9.1 million fraud case that is shedding light on problems in a renewable energy credits program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Federal prosecutors accuse Rodney Hailey of Perry Hall of selling renewable fuel credits even though his company, Clean Green Fuel LLC, did not produce any renewable fuel. Instead, prosecutors say he pocketed the money and bought Ferraris and other luxury cars, as well as tractor-trailers, homes, jewelry and computers…”

Check out Obama’s retirement plan .

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll never forget your experience at Chicago’s Official Obama Commemorative Miniature Golf Course, opening in December of 2012 (owned and operated by Jarrett Industries).

1. City of Detroit: You’ll get chills putting through an exact replicate of a burned out house in the abandoned city center, the by-product of decades of unchecked Democrat rule! “

  It can’t be said often enough . Via Doug Ross , a reminder of the crony capitalism that this administration has elevated to high art . Check out Jay Carney trying to explain why Solyndra doesn’t matter . That’s $500 million and 1100 jobs that don’t matter . 

“Up is down, left is right, good is bad, and day is night. If you wander inside the Washington, D.C., beltway, you’ll enter a bizarro world where, at times, commonsense is replaced by a localized logic that is completely divorced from the reality.

The latest example of political gobbledygook comes courtesy of White House press secretary Jay Carney, who yesterday lapsed into rambling rhetoric when asked to explain how President Obama can defend the failed Solyndra solar boondoggle, yet attack private sector investments that sometimes fail but oftentimes succeed. Here’s his response:”

Not content with White House bio’s , Obama plans his next move to enshrine his eminence .

Again Mr Ross shows us the way


From Doug Ross we get a top twenty list of entries in the #ObamaYachtNames game complete with a dramatic visualization of Dear Leader’s seamanship .


” And, yes, it’s trending nationally, though #RomneyYachtNames ain’t. Good try, Axelrod. Maybe you’ll get something right someday. “


From Doug Ross over at Director Blue .






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