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Now Disappeared Down Memory Hole


“Earlier today the Obama campaign’s “official Tumblr page” featured an offensive message:”



Obama’s Approval Rating , that is


” President Obama’s job approval rating slipped to 43%, dangerous territory for an incumbent president.

   Just as tellingly, those who disapprove of the president’s job in office rose to 51%.

  Of the last eight incumbent presidents seeking re-election, only one had a job approval rating under 50% in June of his re-election year and won: George W. Bush at 49%. The final pre-election job approval ratings for losing incumbents (as far back as Gallup goes): Truman (’52) – 32%; Johnson (not on ballot ’68) – 42%; Ford (’76) – 45%; Carter (’80) – 37%; Bush Sr. (’92) – 34%. “

Nearly 90% of the Americans who gave $200 to Obama’s 2008 campaign haven’t re-upped this year.

Breaks my heart … 

“In 2008, more than 550,000 gave more than $200 to Barack Obama, entering their names in the longest list of individual donors ever seen in American politics.

That list was a snapshot of the hope Obama inspired in a cross sections of liberals, young professionals, African-Americans, and Democrats who saw in him a generational and historic moment. But now, as Obama struggles to keep pace with his 2008 fundraising clip, that list offers a cross-section of Democratic disappointment and alienation. According to a BuzzFeed analysis of campaign finance data, 88% of the people who gave $200 or more in 2008 — 537,806 people — have not yet given that sum this year. And this drop-off isn’t simply an artifact of timing. A full 87% of the people who gave $200 — the sum that triggers an itemized report to the Federal Elections Commission — through April of 2008, 182,078 people, had not contributed by the end of last month.”