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N. Korea Sentences U.S. National To 15 Years Hard Labor






” North Korea said Thursday its Supreme Court sentenced a U.S. national to 15 years of hard labor for “committing hostile acts” against the country.

The official Korean Central News Agency, carried by China’s Xinhua News Agency, reported the sentencing against Pae Jun-ho, referred to as Kenneth Bae by U.S. authorities.

Bae was arrested last November while “committing hostile acts against the DPRK” after entering Rason City as a tourist, KCNA said. DPRK, or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is the official name of North Korea.

The sentencing came despite U.S. appeals Bae be released on humanitarian grounds.”





North Korea Threatens ‘Final Destruction’ Of South Korea In UN Debate




” North Korea threatened South Korea with “final destruction” during a debate at the U.N Conference on Disarmament on Tuesday, saying it could take “second and third steps” after a nuclear test last week.

Without specifically referring to the nuclear test, Jon said North Korea had recently taken a “resolute step for self-defense,” which he described as “strong counteractions to a foreign aggressor.”

“If the U.S. takes a hostile approach toward the DPRK to the last, rendering the situation complicated, it (North Korea) will be left with no option but to take the second and third stronger steps in succession,” he added without elaborating.”