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House Thwarts Attempts By EPA To Regulate Fire Hydrants




” The House unanimously passed legislation Monday that would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from requiring that all new fire hydrants be lead-free by early next year.

  Democrats and Republicans rejected the agency’s rule, saying it goes too far.

  The EPA issued a guidance in October saying that since fire hydrants are sometimes used to supply drinking water during emergency situations, they are covered under the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act. Thus, all new fire hydrants installed after Jan. 4, 2014 must be lead-free.”


    In a rare instance of bipartisan common sense the Reps in the House threw a monkey wrench into the plans of the enviro-nazis at the EPA to further consolidate their claimed authority over all things H2O related . Once again we are treated to the spectacle of a government agency trying to mandate the use of something that doesn’t even exist

 ” We’re in the best of hands …”












Seven Foreign Chem Engineers Caught Trespassing At Boston’s Water Reservoir





” Just after Midnight Tuesday night, seven people – five men and two women – were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir.  The Quabbin is one of America’s largest man made water supplies, and delivers most of Boston’s drinking water.

So, no big deal, right?  It’s probably just some kids who decided to sneak in and have a few beers at the water’s edge.

The problem is all seven were from either Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, or Singapore.  All of them live in either Boston or New York, and all of them are recent college graduates with chemical engineering degrees.  They told police they wanted to see the reservoir due to “their education and career interests.”

Which, of course, means you sneak in after midnight.

So we have seven chemical engineers, all from countries with long histories of producing terrorist activity, caught at midnight lurking around one of our nation’s largest water supplies, which the FBI has long warned are prime terrorist targets.”











Types of Skills Everyone Should Know – Video – Top 100 Important Skills Popular Mechanics





” 6. Find Potable Water

“Don’t exert yourself in the heat of the day,” Sanders says. “You may lose more water by sweating than you’ll gain by digging.” Ravines and valleys are carved by running water, so head for the bottom. In deserts, with only occasional flow, look for cottonwoods, willows and other light-green vegetation that grows in wet areas. When the sun or moon is low in the sky, scan the horizon for reflections that may reveal the location of small pools. (Don’t worry if the water looks scummy. Waterborne illnesses won’t kick in for at least three days; dehydration can kill in a single day.) Collect morning dew by wiping grass with a cloth, then wringing out the water. If you have plastic bags, wrapping them around the boughs of deciduous trees yields 1 or 2 ounces a day. “