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The Village Warriors Of Guerrero


Mexico's self defense groups
Outside the base in Ayutla September 14, 2013. Most of the group members use their own guns. 
Katie Orlinsky for Al Jazeera America

” Across Mexico, civilians like those in this southern town are taking the law into their own hands, fed up with the terror sown by organized narcotics groups. Peasants are riding shotgun in pick-up trucks. They chase SUVs with tinted windows, and lock the occupants in dank rooms.  It’s estimated nearly half of Mexico’s 31 states have seen some form of citizen militias, from up toward the border with the U.S., and down to the Pacific coast.

These uprisings are nearly all in areas of rural poverty, long neglected by a government that fails to serve justice. Corrupt and complicit authorities have enabled cartel violence that has slaughtered more than 60,000 people nationwide over the past six years. Few perpetrators have been imprisoned for the executions, rapes and kidnappings by organized crime.

The epicenter of this rogue law enforcement lies in this southern state, aptly named Guerrero, or warrior, which has had a history of resistance against outside authority for 200 years. For the past two decades, it’s also had a tradition of community policing and local justice in the indigenous mountains. The Mexican constitution allows some autonomy in these remote settlements, but what has developed over the past few months largely falls outside these populations, challenging not only the drug cartels but the federal government as well.”









Hillary Clinton Claims Legalization Not Solution To Drug War

” Clinton also said that even if the drug cartels were driven from the drug trade they would find other areas in which they could make money:

“When you’ve got ruthless, vicious people who have made money one way and it’s somehow blocked, they’ll figure out another way.”

This reply seems to admit that legalization would block the cartels from making money drug trafficking and actually grants critics one of their points in favor of legalization.

 Clinton also spoke about the Obama administration’s response to the recent legalization of marijuana in referenda in Colorado and Washington saying:

“We are formulating our own response to the votes of two of our states as you know — what that means for the federal system, the federal laws and law enforcement.”