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Paralyzed Woman Finds A Way To Experience Surfing





” Being paralyzed strips away many sporting activities that people may wish to take part in, but will never be able to. With a helping hand, a paralyzed woman discovers a way to surf the roaring waves.

Pascale Honore is an Australian woman who has been sitting on a wheelchair for 18 years due to paraplegia. Pascale has two sons and says that she loves watching them surf the waves just outside of town. Lusting to ride it herself but knowing the fact that she could never do it was what bothered Pascale the most.


But thanks to a professional diver and also a dear friend of her sons, Tyron Swan came up with a plan.” 






Why Banning High-Capacity Magazines Will Not Save Lives



” “High-capacity” is also a subjective adjective when used to describe magazines or anything else. What is “high” in terms of capacity? 30 rounds? 20? 10? The first is higher than the last, and the last is more than a single-shot firearm or most revolvers can hold.

Let’s define “high-capacity” as 30 rounds, then, just for the sake of defining it. Would banning 30-round magazines stop killers like the one in Newtown?

Not if he has access to any lower-capacity magazines, the Internet, and some masking or duct tape. If he has those three things, he could run a Google search, watch a short video, and then do this. It’s called “jungle tape,” and it gets around the limit of a given magazine’s capacity. ”