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One Dead As ‘Apocalyptic’ Dust Storm Sweeps Across Nevada Freeway Causing Massive Pile-Ups





” A truck driver was killed and several others were injured after a dust storm in rural Nevada blinded drivers, leading to a 27-car pile-up.

Humboldt County sheriff’s dispatchers called in every emergency services worker in the sparsely populated area after drivers reported ‘near-apocalyptic’ conditions on Interstate 80 at Winnemucca on Monday evening.

A mine rescue crew also assisted, while a charter bus helped transport victims.”











Tracking Mars

Curiosity Makes Its Mark on the Red Planet


Beauty Shot


” Unlike the Apollo astronauts’ footprints on the moon, Curiosity’s trails will probably be wiped away by the planet’s frequent wind and sand storms. But there is still something so incredible about these little ephemeral marks we are making on another world. “