“Black Bishop Issues The Call: Get Out Of The Democrat Party “

  “There is a fantastic conservative page on Facebook called The BlackSphere that is run by Kevin Jackson, a strong conservative (who happens to be a black man). ”

  Jackson points to this at Godfather
Politics, posted by Dave Jolly:

  ” Bishop Earl Walker Jackson Sr.
(E.W. Jackson) has issued a plea
for all Christians to leave the
Democratic Party. Like Barack Obama, Jackson is a graduate of Harvard Law School . Unlike Obama, Jackson served in the U.S. Marine Corps and knows what it really means to serve your country.
Following law school, he was a
practicing attorney for 15 years
in Boston. During his time in
Boston, he served as chaplain
for the Boston Red Sox for 5
years and as a Protestant
chaplain for the Boston fire
department. He was involved
with The Samaritan Project to
help churches that had been
damaged by arson.

   In 1998, Jackson was ordained as a bishop and head of Exodus
Faith Ministries in Chesapeake,
Virginia. In his plea for Christians to
make an exodus from the
Democratic Party, Jackson
refers to the Party as cult-like
and cites the following reasons
for his statement and actions:


Rejection of biblical family
model and values

Open hostility to anyone
who expresses their
Christian values including
Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A
and Olympic gold medal
gymnast Gabby Douglas

Actions taken against cities
and towns for displaying
crosses at memorials

Actions taken against
anyone who invokes the
name of Jesus during
prayers at official events”