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Researchers Capture First Ever Image Of Light As Wave And Particle





” Quantum mechanics tells us that light can behave simultaneously as a particle or a wave. However, there has never been an experiment able to capture both natures of light at the same time; the closest we have come is seeing either wave or particle, but always at different times. Taking a radically different experimental approach, EPFL scientists have now been able to take the first ever snapshot of light behaving both as a wave and as a particle. The breakthrough work is published in Nature Communications.”




© Fabrizio Carbone/EPFL




” When UV light hits a metal surface, it causes an emission of electrons. Albert Einstein explained this “photoelectric” effect by proposing that light – thought to only be a wave – is also a stream of particles. Even though a variety of experiments have successfully observed both the particle- and wave-like behaviors of light, they have never been able to observe both at the same time.

  A research team led by Fabrizio Carbone at EPFL has now carried out an experiment with a clever twist: using electrons to image light. The researchers have captured, for the first time ever, a single snapshot of light behaving simultaneously as both a wave and a stream of particles particle.”



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Aww: Watch A Robotic Cheetah-Cub Run




” A mechanical cheetah cub joins the Noah’s Ark that has captivated robotics in recent years. Today Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (EPFL)’s Biorobotics Laboratory (Biorob) published a study detailing experiments on the cheetah-cub quadruped robot. The size of a small house cat (or cheetah cub, which sounds more menacing), this bot has limbs designed to mimic the stealthy moves of a feline.”