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WaPo: Gallup Data Shows Hillary Favorability Plummeting





” Plummeting from a great height to be sure, Philip Bump acknowledges, but definitely going in the wrong direction — fast. The initial read off of yesterday’s Gallup poll shows Hillary Clinton in good shape against the rest of the field, albeit a field with low name recognition. Most of her Republican competition has lots of upside in their numbers, but Hillary has reached almost total name recognition saturation … not exactly surprising for someone who has spent the last 22 years in Washington. Accordingly, her favorability/unfavorability gap plus her name recognition puts her almost literally in a class of her own in this survey:” 

  Hillary looks unassailable at the moment — but this is just a moment, Bump reminds us. What happens when we look across almost a quarter of a century of Gallup data on Hillary Clinton? Bump charted the data on Hillary’s favorability since early 1992:” (see above)



Read the whole thing from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air














Foreign observers: Why no voter ID?


  ” The most often noted difference
between American elections among the visitors was that in most U.S. states,voters need no identification.

   Voters can also vote by mail, sometimes online , and there’s often no way to know if one person has voted several times under different names, unlike in some Arab countries, where voters ink
their fingers when casting their ballots.”

  ” Incredible is certainly one word.
Vulnerable also comes to mind. When we demand more ID to buy groceries by check than to choose our government by ballot, we have some priorities out of whack. “

Ed Morrissey


  “Michael Kinsley once defined “gaffe” as the accidental telling of a political truth. That definition aptly describes the jaw-dropping admission from Joe Biden on the campaign trail this week. Thundering against Mitt Romney’s economic plan, which Biden erroneously claims will raise taxes on the middle class, the Vice President proclaimed his outrage. “How they can justify raising taxes on a middle class that has been buried the last four years?” Biden asked.


Perhaps Biden missed a memo or two, but for most of the last four years, his running mate, Barack Obama, has been President. For two of the last four years, his party controlled Congress by large majorities, as well as the two years that preceded those, and Biden’s party has controlled the Senator for all six years.  In fact, both Biden and Obama sat in the Senate previously, Obama for four and Biden for decades.  If the middle class has been buried, it’s been on their watch.”


“How high up did the weapons of Operation Fast and Furious go in the cartels?  This high:

When Mexican authorities took Juarez drug cartel carnage king Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez — better known as “El Diego” — into custody, he had weapons from Operation Fast and Furious on his person, the English-language transcript of the Spanish-language television network Univision’s special investigation into the scandal shows.

“According to investigations, ‘El Diego’ forms the link between this massacre and Fast and Furious,” an anchor read on air in Spanish Sunday evening, referring to two different mass killings drug cartel operatives used Fast and Furious weapons to conduct as Univision reported.

“When he [El Diego] was captured in Chihuahua in the summer of 2011, he was found with weapons that the American government had allowed to enter Mexico,” the anchor added.

Supposedly, the point of the ATF/DoJ operation was to track the weapons so that they could find the movers and shakers in the Mexican drug cartels.  Imagine what would have happened if the ATF actually had intended totrack the weapons and cooperate with the Mexican government, as the Bush administration did earlier in Operation Wide Receiver.  The partnership might have caught El Diego a little sooner “

“Obama administration tries to block sequester layoff notices”

” The latest durable-goods orders report must have the Obama administration — and the Obama campaign — more worried than they publicly let on. According to the National Journal , the White House will press government contractors to hold off on
issuing layoff notices in October in
anticipation of the sequestration cuts, afraid of the political backlash that will ensue. In fact, the Obama administration is offering to indemnify government contractors for losses and fines for delaying
those notices:

  The White House moved to prevent defense and other government contractors from issuing mass layoff notices in anticipation of sequestration, even going so far to say that the contracting agencies would
cover any potential litigation costs or employee compensation costs that could follow.

Some defense companies —including Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and EADS North America—have said they expect to send notices to their employees 60 days before sequestration takes effect to comply with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which requires companies to give advance
warning to workers deemed
reasonably likely to lose their jobs.
Companies appeared undeterred by a July 30 guidance from the Labor Department, which said issuing such notices would be inappropriate, due to the possibility that sequestration may
be averted. The Labor Department
also said companies do not have
enough information about how the
cuts might be implemented to
determine which workers or specific programs could be affected should Congress fail to reach a compromise to reduce the deficit, triggering $1.2 trillion in spending cuts, half from defense, half non-defense. For 2013, that would amount to $109 billion in
spending cuts. “

” Ya Think? “

“CS Monitor: Say, this admission on Benghazi terrorist attack might cause Obama a few problems”

“After a week of hesitation, the White House now says it is “self-evident” that a “terrorist attack,” and not just a spontaneous reaction from a furious mob, struck the US Consulate in Benghazi,Libya, last week.

Actually, it wasn’t “hesitation.”  The White House insisted that the attack on the consulate in Benghazi was a protest that “spun out of control” — and sent UN Ambassador Susan Rice onto a number of Sunday talk shows last weekend to insist on it.  They rolled out a false story even while the Libyan President said there was “no doubt” that the attack was premeditated and well organized.

Why did the Obama administration stick with the false story until it fell apart?  The Christian Science Monitor answers that question in the following paragraphs:”

Ed Morrissey

  “Feel lucky, punk? When Republicans chose Tampa as the site for the 2012 national
convention, they didn’t do it for the weather, obviously. They saw Florida as a key to their hopes of winning the presidential election and hoped to make an impact on voters with their week-long argument for Republican control of
the White House. According to a snap poll from Survey USA of 754 registered voters who watched the final night of the convention, they
may have switched 10% of the vote with the effort: “

” Why Eastwood? Look at the map “

” As I mentioned in my last post, I missed part of the line-up last night. I got back just in time to see Clint Eastwood offer up one more “Make my day,” and then watch the deluge of criticism roll across Twitter. It continues today at Time Magazine , where Michael Grunwald calls it a
“train wreck,” and goes a little Chris Matthewsfor good measure: “

” Democrats walking into “war on women” trap of their own making

  ” Do Democrats still plan to feature a “war on women” theme at their convention? If they do, I
argue in my column today for The Fiscal Times , they may well find themselves hoist with their own petard, after a week of watching
accomplished Republican women speaking from the dais in Tampa. Not only does the emphasis
entirely miss the issues about which voters care most in this electoral cycle, the entire argument
diminishes women to, well, to exactly what Code Pink reduced them in protests at the GOP

   The message from the Obama campaign and Democrats in general seems to be that women are somehow incapable of finding
birth control on their own unless some paternal entity dispenses it to them, despite all evidence to the contrary. They’re so incapable of this task that employers and schools have to hand it for them, no matter how much income they
derive nor how much tuition they manage to pay otherwise. This has already backfired during Team Obama’s “Life of Julia” campaign, which offered a creepy, solitary vision of a woman’s life approaching that of the song “Eleanor Rigby.” Former CNN news anchor Campbell Brown wrote in The New York Times that “Julia” was “a silly and embarrassing caricature based on the assumption that women look to government at every meaningful phase of
their lives for help.” “

” MSNBC protects the meme any way it can “

  “The cast and management at MSNBC really, really want their viewers — all 20 of them now,
I believe — to understand that the Republican Party is raaaaaaaaaaaacist , and that the GOP convention is nothing more than a bunch of white men talking and applauding. They are so
desperate to sell their meme latent Republican racism that they simply averted their eyes every time a speaker that didn’t fit their lone talking point took the stage:

” Mason-Dixon MO poll: Romney up 50/43 over Obama “

  ” But what many didn’t expect was that the crash-and-burn of Akin would not damage Mitt Romney at all. In the 9th paragraph out of ten, we find out that Romney leads Barack Obama in the critical swing state, and it’s not all that close:

  McCaskill’s lead is a testament to the damage caused by Akin’s remarks. She remains less-than-popular, as slightly more voters view her unfavorably (41 percent) than favorably (39 percent). And,
despite worries that Akin’s remarks could also harm the candidacy of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney , the former Massachusetts governor leads President Obama, 50 percent to 43 percent. Obama’s favorable- unfavorable split of 38 percent-48 percent is worse than McCaskill’s.”

“Forbes wonders: Should Biden have a neurological exam?”

  “Are Joe Biden’s ever-increasing verbal misstepsthe result of increased media scrutiny after three
years on a back burner, a symptom of just plain old ordinary stupidity — or an indication of organic brain damage? I’m inclined to think it’s
a combination of the first two, but Dr. Henry Miller at Forbes (a physician himself) is worried
about the latter. Should the Obama
administration get Sheriff Joe a neurological exam? “

She’s No Dummy … Ha

   ” Did Hillary Clinton turn down the opportunity to replace Joe Biden as soon as two weeks ago in a
White House lunch with Valerie Jarrett?

   Ed Klein, author of “The Amateur,” says his sources in the Hillary camp say it’s true in an appearance last night on CNBC with Larry Kudlow. Not only did she turn Obama down, but according to Klein, Obama’s “socialistic policies” are part of the reason the presumed 2016 frontrunner wants
to maintain her distance from the campaign: “

Ed Morrissey Show
Rasmussen: 61% hold favorable view of vilified fast-food chain

  He is a idiot .

” So which is it? One extremely credible source from Bain who somehow got to look at Romney’s personal taxes for a ten-year period
even though no one would have access to that except the Romneys, their accountant, and the IRS? Or a number of sources who say “the word is out”? Reid’s sounding more and more like Joe McCarthy every day.

   Reid, who also refuses to release his own tax.returns, isn’t just a hypocrite and a slanderer. He’s also a political idiot. Until these attacks,
Romney was on the defensive over his tax.returns. Now Romney can paint his decision to keep them private as a principled stand against
unscrupulous opponents. Reid has handed the high ground to Romney in this fight with his scurrilous lies. Reid has all but ruined Obama’s
strategy of making Romney look secretive and weird. “

  Will Fauxcahontas lead the warparty ?

” Could Democrats really be this tone deaf ? For nearly two weeks, Team Obama has been reeling from his “you didn’t build that” comment — to the extent that Barack Obama himself had to cut a personal response ad to stanch the bleeding, so far to no avail. And yet, the Charlotte Observer picks up on a Boston Globe report from ten days ago that the “buzz” around the Democratic convention (such as it is) has the author of that argument, Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, under serious consideration to be the keynote speaker at the DNCC:

  The crowds at political conventions feast on partisan red meat, and they could end up with a bellyful when the Republicans
and Democrats meet back to back
beginning late next month. An Obama campaign official confirmed to the Globe Wednesday that US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is being considered as a possible keynote speaker for the Democratic National Convention in
Charlotte, N.C. “

The heartstrings party once again leaves reason behind in pursuit of their single-minded statist agenda . 


 “You didn’t think Congress would do nothing after the Aurora shooting, did you — especially the Democrat-controlled Senate?  Fueled by the detail that the AR-15 (not an AK-47) used in the massacre had a high-capacity drum magazine — which jammed — Senate Democrats have offered an amendment to the pending cybersecurity bill that would ban possession of magazines past a maximum 10-round capacity:”

  Ed Morrissey on Romney’s stemwinder of a speech rebutting Obama’s claim that ” you didn’t build that” .
   Video of the speech at the link as well as a link to a transcript of it .

   ” Mitt Romney delivered an impressive rebuttal to Barack Obama’s ill-considered remarks in a
Roanoke, Virginia speech on small business owners this past Sunday. In a dramatic change of subject, Romney blasted Obama for suggesting that Steve Jobs didn’t build Apple, Bill Gates didn’t build Microsoft, and (with a chuckle) that Papa John didn’t build his pizzeria
powerhouse. Calling Obama’s remarks “both startling and revealing,” Romney’s rhetoric
peaked when he argued that the American economy hasn’t seen success because Obama has spent the last three years attacking success. This is the meat of Romney’s remarks:

  ” The idea to say that Steve Jobs didn’t build Apple, that Henry Ford didn’t build Ford Motor, that Papa John didn’t build Papa
ohn Pizza, that Ray Kroc didn’t build McDonald’s, that Bill Gates didn’t build Microsoft, you go on the list, that Joe and his colleagues didn’t build this enterprise, to say something like that is not just
foolishness, it is insulting to every
entrepreneur, every innovator in America and it’s wrong. [Applause] ” “

Ed Morrissey

  ” Mitt Romney took a swing at Barack Obama’s “hope and change” legacy today, starting off his
week back on offense. Romney slammed Obama for “falsehood and dishonesty” in his campaign ads, telling Fox and Friends that this
kind of nasty campaigning “may work in Chicago,” but it will fail everywhere else: “

  This whole business is just too ridiculous to parody . It puts one to mind of People’s Republics , Dear Leaders , and giving one’s first born to the State .

“It’s summer, so we’re right in the middle of wedding season, where brides schedule their big day when the weather will be most likely to
cooperate. There is so much to do — planning the food, the reception venue, how to keep fueding relations separated by the seating chart — that a whole industry has evolved to take some of the burden off of the happy harried couple.

Ed Morrissey

  ” How much damage did Friday’s jobs report — the third disappointment in a row — do to
Barack Obama’s re-election effort? It might take some time for the answer to be fully known, but
one measure might be the reaction in the media. “

Ed Morrissey

  ” According to a CNN/ORC International survey released Monday morning, 53% of people questioned say they approve of the
House vote a week and a half ago to hold the attorney general in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to a controversial program called Operation Fast and Furious, with one in three saying they disapprove of the move and 13% unsure. ”

It gets worse for the administration …

  ”  More than two-thirds want more answers on the ATF operation that cost the lives of two American law-enforcement officers and
hundreds of Mexicans as well:
Nearly seven in 10 say the Obama
administration should answer all
questions, with 27% agreeing with the move to invoke executive privilege. ”


As the professor is wont to say “we’re in the best of hands”

  ” It’s bad enough to have a columnist at one of America’s most prominent newspapers regularly
singing the praises of Chinese authoritarianism. It’s worse when high-ranking members of the
American government do it. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood griped at the Aspen Ideas
Festival about having to deal with political opposition, and yearned for the ease in which Beijing could impose solutions without having to
deal with dissent: ”

Isn’t it wonderful that our present administration draws on Red China for it’s inspiration and longs for the control that only authoritarian dictatorship can bring ?

“The Chinese are more successful [in building infrastructure] because in their country, only three people make the decision. In our country, 3,000 people do, 3 million,” LaHood said in a short interview
with The Cable on the sidelines of the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival on June 30. ”

  Are these the kind of people we want running our country for 4  more years ?  God help us .

Ed Morrissey

” Consider this our latest entry in the Great Hunt for Silver Linings series, post-Mandate-mas. I’ll
gather three wise men to muse upon the impact of the Supreme Court ruling, two of whom
believe silver linings are easily found — and one of which believes the cloud to be even darker
than we realize. Let’s start with Glenn Reynolds, who moves from his Instapundit home today to
argue at the Washington Examiner that the entire ObamaCare arc didn’t delegitimize the Supreme Court, as critics warned — but it did
do real damage to the legitimacy other two branches of government: “