Brazenly Heisted Off Of The Blogfather’s Page … A Link-Filled Post About The Internecine Battle Between Oath-Keeping Milwaukee County Sheriff David A Clarke and Scandal-Plagued Bureaucratic Toady , Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn … An Epic Study In Contrasts

     Every now and then we come across a post(s) that , while we feel guilty doing so , we feel the need to share in it’s entirety just because it is something  masterful … funny how it more often than not comes from the Master himself , Glenn Reynolds as does this one . We beg your pardon Professor and hope that you will accept this theft of your wares in the spirit of sincere flattery that it was intended , not that we would actually expect a blogger of your stature to show himself in this dark , dank and dusty part of the blogger’s basement .


Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. has fired another salvo in his ongoing clash with Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn over guns, law enforcement and public safety.

In a letter to a Republican member of the U.S. Senate, Clarke has issued an apology “on behalf of my constituents” for Flynn’s blunt Capitol Hill testimony last week in support of an assault-weapons ban.

The sheriff accuses Flynn of being “embarrassing” and “rude,” and hostile to gun rights in the letter, sent to South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, a member of the judiciary committee that heard Flynn’s testimony.

“Please do not see (Flynn’s) arrogance as exemplary of the people of Milwaukee County,” Clarke writes.

If I were the Milwaukee police chief, I’d be keeping my profile low. Too many scandals.

And remember that Chief Flynn is the one who instructed his officers to knock even legal gun-carriers to the ground, just because. Have you noticed that the more politicians support gun control, the more likely they are to be thuggish and corrupt? Which I guess explains Chicago. . . .

If you see Chief Flynn, you can ask him about that. Or you can ask him about his illegal body cavity searches. Or his crime-statistics book-cooking scandal.

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