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Paris Drones: New Wave Of Alerts







Ten more drones have been spotted flying over Paris and reports say police are searching for four men after a chase in the east of the city.

  The latest drones were seen hovering near the Eiffel Tower and several other areas further away from the centre.

  Some 60 drones have been sighted since October, over nuclear installations and central Paris, the government says.”






” The most recent have all been over Paris, prompting security fears after the murders of 17 people last month.

  Security at key sites in Paris was tightened last month after the killings by Islamist gunmen at Charlie Hebdo magazine, in Montrouge and a kosher supermarket.

  Flying drones over the capital is banned without a license and no night flights are allowed over the city at all. The heightened security presence was thought to be one of the reasons why the unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted.”



Read more on the Paris drone wars at the BBC













Say Goodbye To The Statue Of Liberty




” Over the heated objections of Chuck Schumer and other leading Democrats, and against the languorous advice of Jean-François Kerry, his French-speaking Secretary of State, President Obama is now prepared to order the immediate dismantling of the statue for shipment back to France in early 2014.

“As far as I’m concerned,” the president told a top aide, “they can take back the Eiffel Tower as well.” Informed that the Eiffel Tower was actually in Paris, he shot back, “Whatever. Do you take me for some kind of idiot? My job is to do the policy. Your job is to take care of the details without wasting my time.”

Thus spake the president — despite a Harvard Law degree, surely the most geographically illiterate president in American history. Among other miscues, he once claimed he had visited “all 57 states”; he lamented that he did not speak the “Austrian language” (difficult to do when there is no such language); he called for moving more of the Army’s Arabic translators to Afghanistan (not part of the Arab world); and he recently discussed deepening “our ports all along the Gulf — places like Charleston, South Carolina; or Savannah, Georgia, and Jackson, Florida,” all of which are found on the East Coast, not the Gulf of Mexico.”



The Lady Of NY harbor is on her way back where she came from … back to those ungrateful French … LOL



” All of this makes the return of the statue the most dramatic expression to date of the five-point Obama Doctrine. Under this doctrine, as defined by Daniel Pipes at the National Review, the Obama administration is firmly resolved to: “Snub friends, coddle opponents, devalue American interests, seek consensus, and act unpredictably.” “



   That will teach those filthy Gaullists not to stab us in the back when we are trying to conclude a successful appeasement effort with our peace-loving friends the Iranians .



” Whatever. The president is a no-nonsense policy man and he was mightily displeased when he and Monsieur Kerry (still trying to fill Hillary’s pumps) were unable to get the French to go along with a plan to relax economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for some very iffy promises from Iran to slow the development of nuclear weapons. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius publicly called the U.S.-backed plan “a sucker’s deal.” “



   Take that you cheese eating surrender monkeys … and you can have John Francois Kerry too . That will be one less NPS site that we have to staff . Think of all the golf games and vacations those funds can provide for Michelle and I . *


* Please note this is a satirical piece and is in no way a serious happening … yet .