Mind you , that’s a poll with +11 weighting for the Dems . Anyone believe Dem turnout will overwhelm Repubs by that kind of number ? Keep in mind the enthusiasm factor



… With Some VERY Interesting Statistics


” CNN has released a poll showing that Obama and Romney are all tied up, with both receiving 49 percent of the vote among likely voters. This is good news showing that Romney has a very legitimate chance of winning this election, right? Well, consider some of the stats of the poll…

Among those likely voters, 41% described themselves as Democrats, 29% described themselves as Independents, and 30% described themselves as Republicans.


Democrats are given a +11 margin in the poll, 41 – 30? You must be kidding me.

Furthermore, as Twitchy points out:

There’s more. The poll shows Mitt Romney beating President Obama among Independents 59-37, an incredible 22-point lead.

Does anyone seriously believe Romney can win Indies by more than 20 points and still come out tied in the popular vote? ”