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What’s Right With Kansas: Real Innovators Are GOP Governors





” In Washington, Barack Obama is looking to expand government into every nook and cranny of American life, and is looking to raise taxes to pay for it. But just in case you’ve bought the idea that conservatism is dead, my friends, look to the states.

Governor Sam Brownback, who was elected in that red wave of 2010, has cut and simplified the state’s income tax. He’s slashed the state payroll. He’s slashed the welfare rolls. And now he’s got something really big in mind – eliminating the state income tax altogether! “

   Hurricane Sandy demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt which sector can provide quick , cost-effective relief to those most in need , and it damn sure wasn’t FEMA or Nanny Bloomberg’s Brigade .

   By eliminating the charitable deduction on the income tax return , the government is wielding a double-edged sword : Billions of our money will flow into federal coffers to be squandered on pork and vote-buying and at the same time those billions that are now , not going to the charities will make the needy that much more dependent on … who else ? … You guessed it … The government .

   It’s a win/win for Statists and a lose/lose for freedom lovers .

  Always keep in mind the fact that prior to the exponential growth of government over the past century the poor and needy were taken care of through the good graces of the Church , charities and neighbors and communities helping their own . Government has systematically killed that civic-mindedness in it’s insatiable need for expansion .

To paraphrase the Blogger King : They’d make us all beggars , ’cause they’re easier to please …


Churches and charities are about ” a hand up ” while  Government is all about ” a hand out “






Is Government About to Throw Charity Under the Bus?



” Why are charities getting kicked around right now? It’s an old saying in Washington D.C. that those who do not come to the table (by hiring sufficiently well connected lobbyists and making campaign contributions) will become the lunch. Charities (with a few exceptions) are not exactly a lobbying powerhouse and are barred by law from making campaign contributions or participating in elections, a tremendous disadvantage in our crony capitalist system. This may explain President Obama’s decision to go after them for government revenue and the Republicans decision (perhaps) to go along.