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9 Essential Apps for Storms and Emergencies



” Following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, disaster preparedness is on everyone’s mind this storm season. You should keep your home equipped with these fundamental supplies at all times and your family should have a plan in place in case of emergencies.

Since we rely on our cell phones so much when the threat of disaster is not imminent, it only makes sense that they could become more useful when it is. The nine apps in the above gallery will help you and your family in the time leading up to a storm and in its aftermath. While a cell phone probably won’t help you in the potential weeks without heat or power, it could be invaluable in the case of a medical emergency requiring first aid or a missing family member.”


1. ubAlert



” ubAlert is a global social network where users share alerts about disasters both natural (such as Hurricane Katrina) and man-made (9/11 terrorist attacks). Ordinary citizens can post accounts of what they see and experience, giving true first-hand reports of disaster events as they unfold.”




              This is valuable information:




” Take a moment to watch this one. Now at least I know what’s inside those machines and something about how to use one if necessary.
This only takes a minute to view… I honestly didn’t know what to expect if I had opened the box!
We have all walked by the Red Cross sign in airports indicating where a heart machine is located. Do you know what is in them and how to use it? I did not. Try this video and see what you think.
If you pick the wrong choice—- the man dies—- choose wisely You may save a life. I Just watched this video and was impressed, so I’m sending it to those on my mailing list with the hope that it’ll save lives (maybe mine, yours or someone you love!).”




How an AED works . Everybody should know what to expect if called upon to put one to use and this video will show you .