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” The Obama administration on Thursday finalized plans to lock up from energy production half of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska – a tract of land the size of Indiana set aside by Congress 90 years ago to assure a domestic supply of oil.

Of the 23 million acres in reserve on Alaska’s north slope, energy production will be allowed on an nearly 12 million acres believed to hold 549 million barrels of oil – a small percentage of what the U.S. Geological Survey estimates the entire reserve holds — nearly three billion barrels of recoverable oil.

The decision to significantly curtail energy development in the reserve was signed today by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and comes as gasoline prices continue to increase for the 34th day in a row.”


* Editor’s Note : While we admit that Obama spoke specifically about “electrical” prices due to coal burning generation plants , many electrical generators burn oil and/or natural gas , all of which have “skyrocketed” under his administration so spare us the nit-picking and admit that this is all a part of his plan .

Obama Releases First Part Of New Regulatory Agenda, Drawing Criticism From Supporters, Critics




” The Obama administration this weekend released the first major part if its second-term regulatory agenda, an initiative costing as much as $350 million targeting fossil-burning boilers and incinerators that critics says hits companies already struggling in a tough economy.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulations released late Friday attempt to improve Americans’ health by reducing soot from the industrial boilers and incinerators.

The agency estimates the cost of implementing the new standards will cost  $53 million to $350 million. “


Can we really stand another 4 years of this ?


“Under my plan… electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” Barak Obama

This needs to be endlessly repeated from now til November . The voters need to be reminded that this has been his goal all along .
This and his ” green energy ” stimulus plan/payback  Solyndra, Fast and Furious/Gunwalker , Lightsquared, GeneralGovernment motors , and other ,should be  scandals , small and large should be garuanteeing him a journey to prison and not just a possible spot in the unemployment line .

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