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45 Survival Uses For Alcohol





” I have read that ethanol alcohol—the kind of alcohol that makes us drunk—was the first synthesized product that humans made. Originally made from honey, fruits, berries, grains, and other plants left in the sun to ferment, alcohol and its first use documented as far back as 10,000 B.C.

Historically, fermented beverages:

  • Acted as a substitution for water
  • Fixed nutritional deficiencies
  • Served medicinal purposes

Alcohol also had its place in religious ceremonies and even used as currency. Supposedly, vodka was an ingredient in early European gunpowder. And of course, people drank alcohol in order to become intoxicated.

When shopping for liquor, you will find two different numbers on the bottle. One is the percentage and one is the proof. The percentage is the amount of true ethanol alcohol content, while proof is the official government designation of how much alcohol content is in the beverage. Divide the proof in half to get the actual percentage of alcohol.

The term proof comes from 18th century distillers. To prove the correct alcohol content in their distilled beverages, they added gunpowder. If it did not ignite, there was not enough alcohol. If it burned blue, they declared the alcohol 100 percent proof, or 50 percent ethanol alcohol.

Here are my 45 suggestions for survival uses of alcohol: “







Tunicates, A New Biofuel Source





” The development of biofuels has so far been relatively inefficient, one reason for these is the scarcity in relation to the raw material needed to create the new generation of fuels. The bioethanol produced today is unsustainable because it comes from foods already used for human consumption.


However, scientists think that they have a new source: tunicates. Tunicates are marine filter feeders with a sac-like body structure. Various species are commonly known as sea squirts, sea pork or sea tulips. Tunicates contain a host of potentially useful chemical compounds, including didemnins, which are effective against various types of cancer.


There is something else special about tunicates: they are the only animal known to produce cellulose. Cellulose is seen as a key raw material for biofuel production, where certain bacteria are used to metabolize cellulose to produce ethanol.”

Marine Industry Suffers Legal Setback In The Battle Against E15



” The U.S. Supreme Court denied a petition alleging that the Environmental Protection Agency overstepped its authority by allowing distribution of fuel with 15 percent ethanol, or E15, into the overall supply despite the EPA’s prohibition of E15 use in marine and other engines, Sounding Trade Only reported today.  

Having essentially lost the case in court, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and other groups will revisit a case aimed at protecting consumers from unwittingly filling tanks with E-15 because the fuel has been shown to be harmful to marine engines and other non-automotive powerplants, according to the report.

For practical tips for preventing ethanol-related damage to your boat and marine engines, check out my Better Boating column entitled “Living with Ethanol.” “







14 Big Government Programs That Failed to Achieve Their Goals






” Prohibition was instituted with ratification of the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution on January 16, 1919, which prohibited the “…manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States…”

Congress passed the “Volstead Act” on October 28, 1919, to enforce the law, but most large cities simply ignored the law and bootlegged alcohol to meet demand, creating a huge black market rife with crime and corruption. Prohibition was repealed by the Twenty-First Amendment in 1933, essentially acknowledging the exercise had been pointless and counter-productive.”

 …thanks to ethanol

 “This summer has not done any favors for world food production, due to a global drought and crop destroying heatwaves.  Especially, the production of corn has been affected from the lack of rainfall in the US midwest.  A recent report from the BBC lays out the details:”


  “Obama could solve this problem instantly by suspending the federal ethanol mandate — something his EPA actually can do unilaterally and legally. Instead, Obama will buy up meat — a move that meat producers say won’t help them much anyway. “It doesn’t solve the problem of having enough affordable corn next summer,” industry analyst Steve Meyer told Reuters. “Without changing the ethanol program, nothing can be done,” he said.””