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Explosion At Key Military Base In Iran Raises Questions About Sabotage






” A spectacular explosion on Sunday night outside Tehran took place deep inside the Parchin military base, where Iran produces crucial elements of its missiles and other munitions, raising new questions about whether the blast was an accident or sabotage.

  The explosion and resulting fire, which Iranian news organizations have described in only the most general terms, could be seen from apartments in Tehran and appeared to have destroyed several buildings. But it was distant from a part of the base to which the International Atomic Energy Agency has been seeking access for years, to investigate reports of experiments on high explosives that could have been used in nuclear weapons.”

Parchin Military Base

” The agency’s evidence about that activity dates back more than a decade, and that part of the base has been so bulldozed and reconfigured in recent years that inspectors concede it is doubtful there is much left to see or test if they ever get access.

  The explosion, according to satellite photographs from Airbus that were analyzed by the Institute for Science and International Security, took place in a densely built region toward the southern end of the base, in an area that appeared from past photographs to be littered with bunkers. The damage was reminiscent of pictures of a missile-development site 30 miles west of Tehran that was virtually destroyed during a test in November 2011 that killed 17 people, including Gen. Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, the leading force behind Iran’s advanced missile efforts. “

NY Times

Do Not Slice Open A Tire





Blowing Up A Huge Rock



Rock To Rubble




This is a very cool video of a demolition project … location unknown .









Huge Fireworks Blast Rattles Bronx


Bronx Fireworks



” A massive explosion rocked the Bronx tonight when a box of fireworks detonated in Pelham Bay Park at about 11:15 p.m., an FDNY spokesperson said.

  The explosives were in a garbage pail that was left on a pitcher’s mound on a baseball field in the park, law enforcement sources said. The pail was turned to shrapnel in the blast, but there were still a number of unexploded fireworks left scattered around.

 “ These were high grade professional fireworks, very strong fireworks,” an NYPD source said.”









Oil Train Collision In North Dakota Sets Off Fireball, Forces Evacuation In Casselton 




” A BNSF train carrying crude oil in North Dakota collided with another train Monday afternoon, setting off a series of explosions that left at least 10 cars ablaze, the latest in a string of incidents that have raised alarms over growing oil-by-rail traffic.”




” Residents heard five powerful explosions a mile outside of the small town of Casselton after a westbound train carrying soybeans derailed, and an eastbound 104-car train hauling crude oil ran into it around 2:10 p.m. CST (3:10 p.m. EDT), local officials told Reuters. There were no injuries, but hundreds of residents were evacuated as a precaution, the Associated Press reported.”









Ever Wondered What Might Happen If You Burned 28,000 Rounds Of Ammunition In A Bonfire?




Published on Nov 28, 2012

” The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI), the standards-setting organization for the industry, has provided this video to fire departments nationwide to help firefighters better address the realities of fires in which sporting ammunition is present.”

    Long time readers may be familiar with this video as we have posted similar videos from SAAMI in the past , perhaps even this one , but we were unable to locate a reference to it in our archives . Anyway , the subject bares repeating as it is comforting to know that large quantities of stockpiled ammunition pose no great explosive hazard . Preppers can rest easy .

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Mystery Explosion At Iran’s Arak Heavy Water Reactor



” Tehran did its utmost to conceal the mystery blast which last week struck the heavy water reactor under construction at Arak in western Iran. It is revealed here for the first time by DEBKAfile’s intelligence and Iranian sources.  The explosion, whether accidental or not, will delay for a second time the reactor’s first test with real fuel. Tehran informed the International Atomic Energy Agency in August of a previous holdup.

The cause of the blast and the extent of the damage it caused have not yet been established.”


Arak , Iran









Huge Building Explosion at 2500fps – The Slow Mo Guys





Published on Oct 31, 2013

” Gav and Dan celebrate the release of Battlefield 4 by setting off the biggest explosion they have ever done.
Check out Battlefield 4 here – http://bit.ly/Huu2aw

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Filmed using a Phantom Flex at 2500fps
Huge Building Explosion at 2500fps – The Slow Mo Guys”



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Weapons Shipment Explodes in Turkey








” A large transportation truck caught fire after locals heard a huge explosion. Reporters filming the truck claimed the truck was transporting ambulance vehicles from France to Syria. In case you’ve not seen an ambulance shipment firing bullets and exploding when catching fire inside a sealed truck.”









Explosion Shakes Central Prague, As Many As 40 Injured





”  An explosion in central Prague on Monday, probably caused by gas, injured as many as 40 people, officials said, and neighboring buildings – including the National Theatre – had to be evacuated.

The explosion, in a building facing the Vltava river just a few dozen meters (yards) from the 19th-century theatre, was heard as far away as Prague Castle about a mile away.

A police spokesman said the blast was probably caused by gas and that there had been about 15 people in the building, which included an office of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and an art gallery.

“We estimate up to 40 people were injured,” Zdenek Schwarz, the chief of Prague paramedics, said on Czech Television.”






Massive Explosion Rocks Detroit Tar Sands Refinery




” A massive explosion has been reported at a tar sands oil refinery in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday afternoon, prompting a mandatory evacuation order for parts of a nearby city.

CBS Detroit reports that the blast occurred at the Marathon Detroit Refinery on South Fort Street. A thick cloud of black smoke rose into the clear afternoon sky and was visible for miles around


An evacuation order is in effect for parts of the neighboring suburb of Melvindale.”

What Mushroom Clouds Can Reveal About The Waco Explosion





” On Wednesday night a fertilizer plant north of Waco, Texas, caught fire and exploded. The violent rupture shook the earth for miles around (the explosion was picked up byseismographs in Oklahoma), set fire to the surroundings, and collapsed nearby buildings.

Tragically, as you might suspect with an explosion this size, there are many suspected fatalities and hundreds have been admitted to area hospitals.

As chilling pictures like these rolled in, the comparison to an atomic mushroom cloud by the media was immediate. The Waco explosion was no hydrogen bomb, but the visual evidence does suggest a connection to a nuclear cloud. Looking at nuclear clouds might even be a good way to figure out how big the explosion in Waco was.”










Estimated 5 to 15 People Dead After Massive Explosion

” Rescuers were conducting another door-to-door search early Thursday for the living and the dead in areas damaged by a massive fertilizer plant explosion in West that left more than 100 injured and may have killed dozens.

As of 4:45, officials say five to fifteen people are believed to be dead.
Six firefighters and two paramedics are confirmed dead and seven nursing home residents were missing after the blast according to West EMS Director Dr. George Smith, who said earlier Wednesday night as many as 60 or 70 people may have died in the blast.

One police officer was also still reporting missing.”




Report Says Blast In Iranian Nuke Site





” The website WND, formerly WorldNetDaily, reported Hamidreza Zakeri, a former member of the Islamic Republic’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security, said the Monday blast trapped 240 workers in the underground facility. It was unclear whether the workers had been rescued.

The explosion was felt in a 3 mile-radius from the facility and Iranian security forces imposed a no-traffic zone in a 15-mile radius surrounding the facility. Tehran-Qom highway was shut down for a number of hours, the website said.”

” Jennifer Granholm DNC Speech: Really Strange Podium Explosion”

  “Jennifer Granholm, the former Governor of Michigan, gave a speech Thursday, during the
DNC. Needless to say, videos are popping up all over the web (including here) …and for good
reason. Liberal media sources are calling it ‘electrifying’.Conservatives aren’t exactly sure what to call it.”