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Local Fight Over Fast Food Ends With Torched Car



McDonalds Car Torched



” A man’s car is set on fire at a Southside McDonald’s after he wouldn’t buy his girlfriend ice cream.

  Sabryna Maré was there and spoke to our partners CBS 47/FOX 30 Action News.

” They were going at it,” said Maré of the couple who was standing behind her in line. “She was saying she wanted this and wanted that, and she wanted either a McFlurry or an ice cream on top and he was not in for it. Then he was yelling at her saying he’s not going to do it.”

  Maré says that’s when the argument escalated.

” Next thing you know, she says ‘I’m going to blow it up,’ and we were wondering what are you going to blow up?”

  According to a Jacksonville Fire and Rescue report, “it” was a 1994 El Dorado. Witnesses say the woman grabbed the man’s keys and ran outside.

”  She got something out of the car that happened to be a bottle and then she got gasoline from who knows where. Then she poured everything all over it and next thing you know there was a match and it was up in flames.”


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Bloodbath at Boston Marathon

43 Pictures From Eyewitnesses : Warning Some Are Extremely Graphic

One of the blast sites on Boylston Street near the finish line. Picture: AP

    For those of you that desire to see the carnage at it’s most explicit , LiveLeak has what you are looking for . We’ll post no samples of this one . Be forewarned … brutal pictures 

Wars Captured Through The Lenses – 65 Brilliant Photographs


” Courageous – this is the only term that can be used to signify the War PhotographersPhotography in itself is one the most creative art, War Photography surpasses all the big terms that can be used to represent art, courage and patience. War Photography is representation of armed combat and the current and real situations of war affected areas. The impact of War photography has always been huge right from the first time that it was actually practiced.”