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” This has been a good week for those of us at war with the media. Late last week, many of the same elite media members who attempt to falsely link conservatives to every imaginable tragedy (most notably, Sarah Palin), found their own names approvingly mentioned in a suspected mass-murderer’s manifesto. And then, just this morning,Washington Post contributor Suzi Parker (that’s her photo below — isn’t she precious? — is Rachel Maddow missing a pair of “smart girl” glasses?) made a very public spectacle of herself.

In a blog post snarkily titled “Sarah Palin’s plan to reach ‘millions of devoutly religious people’ through al-Jazeera,” Parker used the Web pages of the once-legendaryWashington Post to spread the incredible news that Palin had joined Al-Jazeera. This news was then used by Parker as the basis for a piece of left-wing smuggery that ripped Palin for being so desperate to stay relevant. “

New Republic Falls For Fake Picture Of Obama Skeet Shooting On Parody Site




” The liberal New Republic magazine, eager to prove that President Obama participates in skeet shooting even if Jay Carney can’t corroborate it, tweeted a picture of Obamaappearing to hold a shotgun while at Camp David on Tuesday. Shortly after tweeting it, the New Republic deleted it.

The reason? The photo was fake, and came from a parody website called whitehouse.gov1.info.

The site clearly says, “not the White House” on the top of the page, with the banner, “parody of whitehouse.gov.” ”





“The country’s political class frets that Americans don’t understand how good this president has been.”

  “Something interesting happened to political journalism on the night of Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s speech at the GOP National Convention. After months and even years of grumbling that, as Grist‘s David Roberts tidily put it this summer, “The left’s gone left but the right’s gone nuts,” mainstream journalists and self-described “fact-checkers” declared that Ryan had crossed over some brand new threshold for un-truthiness, and that they were no longer going to stand idly by and pretend that both major parties were equally prone to telling lies.”


Us pajamas-clad bloggers can’t be trusted to report the news because we lack the research staff and legal teams to get the facts straight BEFORE we publish them ?

   Good thing the major media employ all those fact checkers . They might end up being sued or maybe broadcast something untrue or otherwise incorrect .

Professor Jacobsen

“A gunman identified as James Holmes killed 12 people at the opening of the new Batman
movie. Details still are unclear as to who he is, but ABC News already has blamed the Tea Party because
there is someone with a similar name who is a member of a local Tea Party group in that area.

  Plenty of people on Twitter and elsewhere are doing the same thing.
As usual, the hunt is on to tie a gunman to the Tea Party, as if there were cause and effect, and despite numerous such attempts in the past
which failed. “