Sacramento Black Panther Turned Preacher To Stump For Romney


  ” A local former Black Panther turned preacher is now being embraced by Mitt Romney supporters.

As the presidential election nears, Dr. Phillip Goudeaux of Calvary Christian Center in Sacramento has been invited to speak at rallies in five of the swing states where it’s still a close race.

But why would this former Black Panther turned preacher support Romney when the Massachusetts governor struggles to resonate with minority voters?

“This is not a Romney thing, a Democrat or Republican, black or white,” he said. “This is about family or traditional values family. It doesn’t matter who the person is, I’m going to support the one who supports my values, which I base upon the Bible.” “

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“In 1972, Dr. Goudeaux underwent a radical transformation when he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into his life. Once a militant member of the Black Panther Party, Dr. Goudeaux now devoted his energy and talent to the ministry of reconciliation and focused on bringing people of all ethnicities and cultures together. In 1976, Dr. Goudeaux felt God’s call on his life and accepted his spiritual gift and responsibility to the body of Christ. The discipline, stamina and tenacity he developed as an amateur fighter created character and the emotional fortitude necessary for the awesome call placed on his life. Four years later in 1980, Dr. Goudeaux founded Calvary Christian Center.”