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New Bill Requires Gold And Silver Registration



” The slippery slope to confiscation has begun.

Gold and silver buyers could soon have to register with the state of Illinois.

Rick Santelli provides an update on legislation that requires every gold and silver transaction to be registered with the State. Here are the basics. The bill, officially called SB-3341, was introduced in 2012, immediately passed the Illinois Senate and is now awaiting action by the House.”




” In 2012, the Illinois General Assembly passed the Precious Metal Purchasing Act. SB3341 states that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall obtain a proof of ownership, create a record of the sale, and verify the identity of the seller. Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall not pay for the precious metal in cash and shall record the method of payment. (Emphasis added.)
In a CNBC video, Rick Santelli ties the floundering legislation to FDR’s 1933 Executive Order 6102 confiscating gold and setting the stage for Richard Nixon severing the connection between gold and the dollar in 1971.”







Obama Picks Resemble FDR’s ‘Cabinet Of Cronies’




” Much has been written so far about the choices that President Barack Obama made for his second term cabinet. His new appointees—Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) as secretary of state, White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew to Treasury, and former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) as secretary of defense—are people who have played a key role in Obama’s election or first term administration and are close friends of the president.


As president-elect, FDR picked a cabinet exclusively composed of people who were closes associates from New York or politicians who had helped him win his fight for the Democratic nomination or the general election in 1932.”



President Obama Could Get 3 Terms If H.J.Res 15 Abolishes Term Limits


” Americans around the nation were shocked Friday as they heard about H.J.Res. 15. H.J.Res 15 proposes an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the Twenty-second Amendment. This would remove the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.Rep. José Serrano (D- NY15) introduced the controversial joint resolution on Friday, the second day of the 2013 legislative session. “

Daily Quote 12/07

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt



 ” … December 7, 1941 a date which will live in infamy the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. “

Defining Deviance Down*


Doris Kearns-Goodwin: Excusing Affairs Only Way to Get ‘Best People in Public Life,’ Like FDR and Clinton





” Kearns-Goodwin lamented how public officials today are held to moral standards: “I wish we could go back to the time when the private lives of our public figures were relevant only if they directly affected their public responsibilities….This man was a great general, a great leader, and for his career to come to an end because of a private matter that affects his family and him and evidently doesn’t have national security concerns.”

The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward completely dismantled her argument: “Unfortunately, for the CIA Director, he has special status and he’s got to be clean. He can’t be blackmailed or threatened or even deal with the anxiety, ‘My God, are they gonna find out about her?’ And he did the right thing.” ”







* While we acknowledge our own past transgressions and pass no judgments on General Patraeus we find the notion that we should accept immoral behavior in our leaders as ridiculous on it’s face . If the pompous windbags in Washington are going to presume to tell us how we can and cannot live our lives , mind you a notion we don’t accept to begin with , then they had better be willing and able to set a higher standard . 

  This John Hawkins piece just happens to open with a “Quote of the Day ” post of mine from the other day . No great significance there , just my musing . Anyway , the point of the article ( well made ) is to verbalize the reasons that inevitably betray the left’s economic policies and doom them to failure .
   We who subscribe to a more ” original intent ” type of philosophy in matters of import most likely find Hawkins’ truths to be self-evident . At risk of preaching to the choir , I recommend his post as a concise yet thorough primer to fall back on the next time you are innundated with the usual “we just need to spend more ” litany from your more progressive friends . The aforementioned mantra is , as we know  “the solution to all ills” to the progressive mind .

PS: To be fair I must take slight issue with Mr. Hawkins on item #6 . The way I see it , the Right side of the aisle , with scant few exceptions , has been just as eager to regulate us into an early grave us the progressive left .

“There’s a reason it took the country so long to pull out of the Great Depression under FDR, why Americans became acquainted with the Misery Index under Carter, and why we’ve had the weakest economic recovery from a recession in U.S. history under Obama. Liberal economic policies just don’t work. In fact, the only time left-wingers have taken charge in the last 40 years without decimating the economy was during the Clinton years when Republicans in Congress balanced the budget and spent 6 years strong-arming Clinton to keep him from molesting the economy like one of his interns. This is no coincidence; it’s a natural consequence of the errant liberal view of economics.

1) Keynesian stimulus doesn’t work. As Walter Williams has pointed out, the whole idea of revving up the economy via a government stimulus is doomed from the start.

…Where does Congress get the resources for the spending? Well, there is no Tooth Fairy and there is no Santa Claus. So, the only way Congress can get one dollar to spend is to take that one dollar from Americans, borrow that one dollar from Americans, or inflate that one dollar from Americans.