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The National Association For Gun Rights Offers You A Chance To Win This Fine Rifle From Iron Ridge Arms




308 Sniper Rifle Giveaway

” NAGR is giving away a fully equipped Iron Ridge THOR IRA-X .308 [Valued at $7,200]! “




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WTF Wednesday Christmas Edition (38 Photos)



PUBLISHED by catsmob.com



Prefer tree pictures ? How about this ?








There are 36 more at Guns.com











The SIG Sauer Zeus:





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7 Rifles Enter ‘The Ugly Gun’ Club



” If you want to get technical about it, a rifle is just about any shoulder fired long arm used to hit targets accurately at long distances. Nothing in there says anything about being easy on the eyes and indeed never once did aesthetics alone make one shooter better than another. But it does hurt sales, and with that in mind, we take a look at a number of rifles that no one ever would consider gun porn.”


6.  SIG 510

” The Swiss have a firearms legacy that nobody really wants to poke a stick at. After all, they haven’t had to kick out an invader in 500 years even though they were geographically in the middle of both World Wars. But, have you ever looked at the SIG 510? Known in Alps as the Sturmgewehr 57, it was Switzerland’s main battle rifle for most of the Cold War. When most of the world still used wooden stocks, the Swiss went with rubber coated fore and buttstocks that were ribbed for your shooting pleasure. A very long rifle, it tipped the scales at nearly 13-pounds. Still, despite looking like stretched out taffy it shoots like a laser.” 


SIg 510








INFOGRAPHIC: A Range Of Gun Storage Options For Your Lifestyle

INFOGRAPHIC: Gun Storage For Your Lifestyle








NRAWomen.tv | Aysha Webb: New Energy

Published on May 29, 2013

NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson
New Energy sponsored by Remington

” Aysha Webb is a singer, songwriter and firearm instructor. Aysha is passionate about teaching first-time female shooters and advocating for a woman’s right to defend herself with whatever firearm she chooses.”







PKM Machine Gun – Closer Look

” David Fortier and I take a closer look at the PKM belt fed machine gun. The PKM is one of the worlds best general purpose machine guns. The PKM fires the formidable 7.62x54R cartridge at around 650 rounds per minute.”

Wyoming Governor Signs Hunting With Suppressors Bill Into Law




” On Monday, Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead signed Senate File 132 into law; a bill that allows hunters to use legally owned suppressors to hunt all varmint, big game and trophy animals.

The law takes effect on July 1, 2013, making Wyoming the 28th state to permit the use of silencers for hunting.  Currently, silencers are legal for citizens to own in 39 states.

Prior to being singed into law by the Governor, SF132 was approved by favorable majorities in both the state House and Senate, which respectively voted 44 to 14 and 23 to 7 in support of the bill.

Naturally, the American Silencer Association, which is pushing to have similar bills passed in Montana, Georgia and Vermont this year, applauded the decision.”

LaRue Tactical To Restrict Law Enforcement Sales In Response To Gun Control Laws





” LaRue Tactical has issued a statement on their Facebook page describing their new policy, that they will limit what products are available to state and local law enforcement to what is legal to own for all other citizens. This is a direct response to many proposed state and local laws.

Here’s the release:

Due to the recent and numerous new Anti-gun/Anti-2nd Amendment laws passed and/or pending across our country, LaRue Tactical has been forced to reconsider how we provide products to state and local agencies.

Effective today, in an effort to see that no legal mistakes are made by LaRue Tactical and/or its employees, we will apply all current State and Local Laws (as applied to civilians) to state and local law enforcement / government agencies. In other words, LaRue Tactical will limit all sales to what law-abiding citizens residing in their districts can purchase or possess.

State and local laws have always been a serious focus of this firm, and we are now dovetailing that focus with the constitutional rights of the residents covered in their different areas by the old and new regulations.

We realize this effort will have an impact on this firm’s sales – and have decided the lost sales are less danger to this firm than potential lawsuits from erroneous shipments generated by something as simple as human error.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Mark LaRue

* * This policy does not apply to Military / Federal Agencies * * ”


Bravo to the people at LaRue Tactical

Let us hope this is the beginning of a trend in the private sector standing up for civil rights and not just their bottom line .


New from Mossberg: 20 Gauge 500s (VIDEO)



” Let’s begin with the 500 line of pump guns.  Mossberg now has options in 20 gauge 500s.  There are several different versions of their defense minded 500, and some that are more sporty.  They’ve even carried it over to the Maverick line.

But it is the 20 gauge defensive guns that I respect the most.  While I’m built to handle anything the 12 gauge can shoot, I have seen other shooters get so nervous about recoil that they aren’t effective as shooters.  Some folks need a smaller shotgun.  That’s all there is to it.

And an eight shot 20 gauge Mossberg 500 is going to provide that option for many of these people.  These guns are noticeably smaller, lighter, and they’ll be much easier to use. ”



YouTube’s FPSRussia Business Partner Found Shot To Death



” The highly popular YouTube channel known as FPSRussia, where this guy gets his hands on some of the latest and greatest weapons experienced a setback last Thursday. Business partner Keith Ratliff was found shot to death in Carnesville, Georgia. The police are treating it as a homicide.





Guns.com reports,


” Franklin County Sheriff Stevie Thomas told local media that 32-year-old Keith Ratliff died of a single gunshot wound to the head and that his body had been sitting for some time before it was discovered. Thomas said investigators also found several guns in the area where Ratliff’s body was found and authorities are treating the death as a homicide until the investigation proves otherwise.

According to the report by Lake Hartwell Radio, Ratliff’s body was transported to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab in Atlanta for an autopsy. The GBI is assisting local authorities in investigating the incident.

According to the business’s annual registration submitted to the state, Ratliff and Kyle Lamar Myers, aka FPSRussia, were both registered agents for the business FPS Industries Global LLC. The business was registered Jan. 9, 2012, but the massive Youtube channel, which has more than 500 million views and 3 million subscribers, has been around since August 2010. ”



Rest In Peace Keith … and thanks for helping to bring all those cool videos to the public eye . 




” Published on Jan 6, 2013

What you’re seeing here are friends and family coping with the loss of a loved one. The man on the right, who is new to most of you, is the victim’s cousin. Not all of our time has been so lighthearted but it’s good to get your mind off of the tragedy from time to time.

FPS Russia’s Channel: http://youtube.com/fpsrussia “



For those of you who may not be familiar with FPSRussia here is but one example of their very cool videos .










Heckler & Koch G36C Firing in Super Slow Motion

 The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina

Police: Christmas Eve Firefighter Shooter Used ‘Straw Purchaser’ To Acquire Weapons





” The 62-year-old convicted felon who gunned down two firefighters and wounded three first responders on Christmas Eve in Webster, New York used weapons his neighbor illegally purchased for him, according to state and federal authorities.

The neighbor, 24-year-old Dawn Nguyen, was arrested on Friday after police traced the serial numbers on two weapons used by William Spengler, the shooter: a Bushmaster AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun, both purchased in 2010.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allowed straw purchasers to illegally purchase approximately 2,000 firearms as and transport them across the United States’ southern border as part of Operation Fast and Furious, in an apparent attempt to track the guns to high-level officials in Mexico’s drug cartels.

None of those top officials has been arrested, and the operation has led to the deaths of an estimated 300 Mexican nationals and at least one U.S. Border Patrol agent. (RELATED: Univision report connects Operation Fast and Furious scandal to murders of Mexican teenagers) “


Gun Photos of the Year (43 Photos)






Here’s Another Sample 


















” Today, the Journal News in upstate New York, owned by Gannett, published the names and addresses of all gun permit holders in the Westchester and Rockland county areas of New York. The Journal News said:

The map indicates the addresses of all pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties. Each dot represents an individual permit holder licensed to own a handgun — a pistol or revolver. The data does not include owners of long guns — rifles or shotguns — which can be purchased without a permit. Being included in this map does not mean the individual at a specific location owns a weapon, just that they are licensed to do so.

The newspaper didn’t even feel it necessary to publish a rationale for that violation of privacy – publishing the names and addresses of gun owners makes them more vulnerable to robbery when they aren’t at home, since criminals will know where the guns are.


They did, however, run a piece targeting gun owners as the root of all evil: ”




5 Failed Rifle Designs


” Ever since the first firearm design was traced out, shooters have looked to make a better one. This path has led to hundreds of innovative and ground breaking designs, establishing new standards and ultimately moving the modernization of firearms in a positive direction. Then, there are those that just plain didn’t. Here are five ugly ducklings for which there would be no beautiful swan happy ending: ”





ATI Introducing New 300 BLK ARs To Their HD Line







 ” American Tactical Imports is adding a pair of new rifles to their HD series, the ARcane Blackout and ARcane Blackout SBR. These HD rifles are chambered in the increasingly popular 300 AAC Blackout and offer lightly-featured packages at reasonable prices.

The rifles will be offered in two configurations, a standard-length carbine with a 16-inch barrel and, as the name implies, a short-barreled rifle. The SBR version requires a tax stamp and all that but comes with a factory-installed 10.5-inch barrel, which is a really nice length for 300 BLK SBRs. “

  Here  we have yet another shining example of the makers creating the instruments of their own destruction at the hands of the takers .

The 11 Most Important Guns in History

” Firearms have evolved constantly ever since their start around 800 years ago. From primitive hand cannons to automatic weapons, here are the gun breakthroughs that changed the battlefield and beyond.


Colt Peacemaker,

  1873 Samuel Colt did not invent the revolver, but he was the first to introduce an assembly-line system to make them rather than relying on skilled gunsmiths to handcraft each weapon. Colt’s company mass-produced weapons like the Single Action Army, better known as the Peacemaker or Colt 45. Originally designed for the U.S. Cavalry, it became the most widely used handgun during the Wild West years. One version, the Colt Frontier Six Shooter, used the .44-40 Winchester caliber so cowboys could use the same ammunition in their handguns and rifles. ”

  While there is plenty to quibble about as far as these 11 “most important”  choices are concerned  , the article is still of interest for the firearms afficionado . Take a look .

Subsonic Silenced Uzi