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Karma Is A B*tch: Check Out What Happened To The Jerk Who BULLIED A Chik-Fil-A Employee



” When Chik-Fil-A  chief operating officer Dan T. Cathy made a series of comments opposing same-sex marriage, it caused a media firestorm.  Gay rights activists called for protests and boycotts of the chain, and even went as far as vandalizing some fast food stores. One man in particular took it upon himself to express his discontent in the most mature way possible, verbally attacking a sweet female employee who had nothing to do with the controversy.

  37-year-old Adam Smith recorded himself being hateful and obnoxious to the employee and posted it to his YouTube channel. 

  Apparently he thought that he was going to get away with harassing the employee without a problem, he thought wrong. He was immediately fired for his intolerance and disgusting behavior.

  He said at the time he was earning $200,000 annually and had over $1 million in stock options.

“ It was taken when I lost my employment,” he said.

  After losing his job, Smith, his wife Amy and their four children also lost their home. They were forced to sell and give away their possessions and move into an RV. A few months later, Smith found a new CFO job in Portland, Oregon. 

  Smith thought he was home free until his new boss caught wind that he was the hateful man from the Chik-Fil-A drive-thru video. He was immediately fired from that job as well. Smith said in subsequent job interviews, he was very honest about the video and while prospective employers seemed empathetic and understanding in the end the companies would rescind the offers saying they didn’t want the distraction.”

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Woman Fired From McDonald’s After Feeding Fire Fighters


Woman Fired From McD's

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” Heather Levia, a manager at McDonald’s, paid for breakfast for fire fighters battling a house fire in sub-zero temperatures.

  Moments later, another fire department ordered breakfast. When she asked her company to pay it, they denied it.

  Therefore, she and her co-workers coughed up the dough. Now, she’s out of a job. She’s been working at McDonald’s for eight years.

  Her company says it’s not because she paid for the food. It’s because they say she swore at a supervisor.”


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Physics Teacher Fired After Using Pellet Gun As Part Of Experiment



” A physics teacher from St. Peter’s Collegiate in Wolverhampton was recently fired after using a pellet gun as part of an experiment.

  Richard West, 53, wanted to demonstrate the rate of deceleration of a pellet from an air gun. He recruited around 20 students to hold sheets of paper out at arms length and fired a single round. The pellet passed through about half of the papers before deflecting off a desk and striking one student in the leg. Word quickly got out of the teacher’s lesson and he was quickly suspended and later fired, ending his 20-year career at the school, Daily Mail reports.”


The student accidentally struck by the pellet goes to bat , as do thousands of others , for the fired teacher as the Guardian reports


” In the usual run of things, a teacher who has shot a pupil probably would not expect much sympathy from the classroom. All the more remarkable, then, that Richard West’s former charges – chief among them the shot pupil – have started a petition calling for his reinstatement.

  West’s former students have leapt to his defence, saying he has been unfairly punished for a freak accident in which the victim suffered only a scratch. They have set up a Facebook page, Bring Back Westy, filled with tributes to the teacher’s popularity, and a petition which has almost 1,500 signatures.”


You can sign the petition here which at present has over 2100 signatures .



” From everyone’s support on the Facebook page, it is easy to see that Mr. West means a great deal to all of us. However, we realize that we need an actual petition rather than a Facebook page with likes. Therefore, it would mean a great deal to both the students, and mainly Mr West if you will spend a few seconds to fill out this form.”











Homeland Security Department Fires Employee Over Racist Website




” Ayo Kimathi was an acquisitions officer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement who dealt with small businesses. He also runs the website War on the Horizon, which includes descriptions of an “unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race.” Kimathi is black. He goes by the online pseudonym “Irritated Genie.” “








Circle K Clerk Fired For Shooting At Armed Robber Who Was Holding A Gun To His Head




” Johnny Jarriel, of Douglasville, GA, isn’t having the best November.

Jarriel has faced an armed robber who put a gun to his head and he lost his job, all in about 48 hours. The two incidents are actually connected.”  



” Jarriel, who was working as an assistant manager at a Circle K convenience store, was working on some paperwork in a back room just after 9am earlier this month. That’s when an armed robber burst into the room, peppered sprayed Jarriel, put a gun to his head, and told Jarriel that he would kill him unless he opened the store’s safe. “


    Let Circle K know how you feel . No one should have to forfeit their natural right to preserve their life in order to have a job . 







Tennessee Cop Fired After Shooting, Pepper Spraying Squirrel


” Jody Putnam, a former police officer in Mountain City, Tenn., was fired after a violent run-in with an agitated squirrel.

Putnam arrived at Mountain City’s Dollar General when animal control was unavailable to respond to a call about a squirrel running amok in the store.

According to the city’s Tomahawk newspaper, Putnam tried to subdue the rodent with pepper spray. When that didn’t work, he pulled out his gun and shot the animal multiple times.

Property owner Carl Duffield offered a different version of the story, telling WJHL that Putnam fired his weapon multiple times inside the store.

“Shooting back there, of course that should not have been, that should not have happened,” Duffield said. Then Putnam pulled out his can of pepper spray — forcing customers out of the store.”


   The officer opens fire in the midst of a public venue and people wonder why he was fired ? The UPI article linked above claims that the officer was specifically called to deal the squirrel while the item below claims that the officer just happened to be in the store when the rodent entered and thus took it upon himself to blast the little creature to smithereens.

Cop Squirrel Fight? Police Officer Fired For Shooting At, Macing Squirrel In Tennessee Dollar Store



” Police documents have revealed that officer Jody Putnam was inside the store two weeks ago when a squirrel managed to wander inside. Employees were the first to spot the squirrel, but when Putnam saw the situation he decided to intervene. However, the methods he used have now cost him his job in the police force.

Putnam reportedly used extreme and excessive force to address the squirrel situation, allegedly discharging his firearm and shooting at the squirrel while inside the store.

However, unloading his gun did not appear to work, and so he turned to another close up weapon at his disposal – pepper spray. He allegedly started chasing the terrified squirrel around the store trying to discharge the pepper spray into its eyes. But again the squirrel was too quick for Putnam and he eventually gave up.”


     Even though there seems to be little doubt , whichever story strikes you , that the officer should have been fired , given that in both versions he seems to have shown exceedingly poor judgement in drawing and discharging his weapon repeatedly among a store full of innocent bystanders , the reality is that he was fired not for his stupidity but for his refusal to file the appropriate paperwork(report) about the incident .









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Missouri Rodeo Clown Fired Over Obama Mask, Banned for Life!



Published on Aug 14, 2013

” On Tuesday, the NAACP issued a statement condemning a rodeo stunt during the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association finals. The stunt included a man wearing an Obama mask. A clown elicited cheers from the audience when he asked if they wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull” and playfully suggested the bull was coming to get Obama.

After the stunt was widely covered by the media, the clown who made the comment about Obama lost his job — in fact, he was banned from rodeo performance for life — and the president of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association, Mark Ficken, resigned as officialdom in Missouri opportunistically piled on, denouncing the skit as if it amounted to a criminal act. Outraged Democrats demanded the state fair be fined.

According to the NAACP, it was a criminal act. “The activities at the Missouri State Fair targeting and inciting violence against our President are serious and warrant a full review by both the Secret Service and the Justice Department,” lectured Missouri State NAACP president Mary Ratliff. http://www.infowars.com/naacp-attacks…
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Texas School Counselor Fired After Insane Facebook Post: Whites “Will Soon Be Wiped From the Earth. Lol.”



” After the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, Karon Wright apparently became angry about some of the comments other people on Facebook made about Barack Obama. Then Wright, who was a counselor at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Texas, unwisely wrote the following.

“Its amazing how the “whites” get angry when Obama speaks. Oh well…its most of the whites who is getting blown away. So they will soon be wiped from the earth. Lol.”

Shortly thereafter, the school wiped Wright’s name from the school website and unceremoniously fired her.”









… The AutoZone Employee Who Was Fired For StoppingArmed Robbery






help out devin mclean



 ” You may have seen our post about the Autozone employee who was fired for retrieving his personal handgun from his truck and stopping an armed robbery at the AutoZone store he worked at. McLean was fired two days later for violating the company’s policy on firearms in the workplace.

There is now some more info coming out that Devin previously served his country in the Air Force and is expecting his first baby (a boy) by the end of December.

In order to help Devin out, the administrator of a Boycott AutoZone Facebook Page has setup a donation page where you can make a donation. “

Lindsey Stone Learns A Lesson About Respect


You Don’t Give Any , You Don’t Get Any


A sign commanding silence and respect at Arlin...



Her 15 minutes are up so we won’t run the idiotic photo that she posted again . Instead we run the one above . For those of you who may have missed it , her handiwork can be seen here .

” The Massachusetts woman at the center of the Facebook  photo scandal at Arlington Cemetery has been fired from her job at a Cape Cod business.

Lindsey Stone’s employer, Living Independently Forever (LIFE), issued a statement on their Facebook page on Wednesday announcing that they have released the two employees involved in the controversial incident.

“We wish to announce that the two employees recently involved in the Arlington Cemetery incident are no longer employees of LIFE. Again, we deeply regret any disrespect to members of the military and their families .

” ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Star: ‘GEICO Fired Me’ for Criticizing Obama “

   “R. Lee Ermey, the actor best known for his role as the drill sergeant in Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket,” claims he was fired by GEICO for criticizing President

   During an impromptu interview with TMZ, Ermey also said, “If you’re a conservative in this town, you better watch out” (videos
follow with transcribed highlights and commentary): “