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Neil Armstrong Buried at Sea

A very moving and impressive photo-essay of the burial services for Neil Armstrong .



Courtesy of Michael Yon

   Would someone please explain to us why , with accomplishments like this ,  Barack Obama has even a ghost of a chance at being given a second term ?

    As someone who was part of the workforce during the Carter ” malaise” years I must say that this us the most dismal economic performance in nearly a century .

   All that’s missing are the gas lines …. Oh and an Iranian crisis …. But he’s hard at work on that one now isn’t he ?

  “While Americans might enjoy throwing politically-charged barbs at their neighbors to the north, Canadians now have at least one reason to be smug. For the first time in recent history, the
average Canadian is richer than the
average American, according to a report cited in Toronto’s Globe and Mail .

    And not just by a little. Currently, the average Canadian household is more than $40,000 richer than the average American household. The net worth of the average Canadian household in 2011 was $363,202, compared to around $320,000 for Americans. “

   In honor of Mr Cordova’s assertion that he sees no humor on the part of conservatives and just because we feel like it , the editors have decided to highlight some of the funny s..t coming from the right hand side of the blogosphere .

    We’ve shown a couple examples already but will continue to post the funnier side of the political web this weekend so sit back , protect your monitor and keyboard from over-spray and enjoy .

First up is this Looking Spoons discovery , on the Newsweek cutting room floor , of

“Rejected Draft Of Newsweek “First GayPresident” Cover Discovered”