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How To Survive The Coming Chaos: Hope For The Best, But Prepare For The Worst





” I have long dabbled in the preparedness mindset but never really paid too much attention to it all until my town was hit hard by a mile-wide, category-three tornado that destroyed or severely damaged hundreds of homes in my immediate area. Ordered to evacuate my home for several days the realization that things can change very quickly and that ‘bad things’ can and do happen to otherwise completely normal people has compelled me to re-evaluate my own preparedness for a wide variety of possible scenarios.

  One cannot be hurt by being prepared for whatever may happen, but one will undoubtedly be hurt if one has not prepared for the unexpected. That has become my mindset and how I now approach the concept of preparedness. It just makes good sense to have plans and preparations in place for the unknown. It is every man’s duty to provide and protect his family no matter what happens and being prepared is the ultimate fulfillment of that duty as well as being a valuable insurance policy against a great many possible threats.

  Ideally, one should plan to hunker down and not leave your own home unless you absolutely have to. This is ‘bugging in.’ Planning around this allows you to stock large stockpiles of water, food, and other supplies without any major convenience. Know your neighbors well, and this will allow you to have a small base of supplies and a network of people in the immediate vicinity that can help each other out if things go south quickly for whatever reason. Be a good neighbor now and they’ll be an invaluable neighbor then. I live in a cul-de-sac and know everyone on the block fairly well. I bring them gifts of garden produce in the summers, wave at them when I drive by, and invite them all over when I have my big backyard birthday bashes. We have helped each other out at various times and I would feel comfortable turning to them for assistance or access to tools etc. if I had no choice. Such nominal relationships could come in very handy some day. You never know.

  Let’s examine each of the subjects of preparation I have mentioned: “










Infographic: Ten Most Common Emergency Food Fails







” Check out the following infographic from FoodInsurance.com for some mistakes to avoid while preparing your pantry stockpiles and share your own mistakes in the comment section below to help others improve their preps! “









Surviving Urban Crisis

Hi, folks.

This one is going to be discussing the very good practice of adding dehydrated food to your survival stash.

We have used a dehydrator for over 15 years, an Excalibur model that has been utterly dependable.

After food items have been thoroughly dried using these machines, the food will remain preserved with no further energy costs and with all it’s nutrients and fiber intact for many years, with proper storage. excalibur dehydratorTypically, one puts the thinly sliced items on the trays or liquified food or fruit on the non-stick sheets into the unit, and run it at about 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 to 24 hours or until the item is crispy like potato chips or rolls up easily in the case of making fruit leathers.

The amount of food we’ve preserved with this machine is incredible. Anything one could cook can be dehydrated. You can save food directly…

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